For many homeowners, using their house, villa, or townhome as a rental property can be an excellent way to add some incremental monthly revenue. A good, reliable tenant can make being a landlord easy – you simply keep up on a few utility bills, make sure the tenant has no major concerns, and cash a rent check each month.

But bad tenants can cause a variety of problems, and may cause you to decide that renting a home – and maybe even owning the home – is just not for you. If you are looking to sell a St. Louis home due to bad rental tenants, FasterHouse can help.

One common concern about tenants is that they will not pay on time, in full, or at all. Many homeowners are able to rent their homes for a profit, but not all can. Some rent their homes out after buying another home and being unable to sell their first. In that case, a missed payment or two can wreak havoc on a homeowner’s finances, leaving them with a very real need to sell fast. Even if you are able to rent your home for a profit, it likely won’t take many missed or shortened rent payments to create problems for a homeowner.

FasterHouse helps homeowners suffering from bad rental tenants in St. Louis by offering fast cash purchases of their home. So rather than suffer through continuing to worry about tenant payments, you can move on with cash in hand.

Another concern that is frequently raised about bad rental tenants is that they damage their homes they are renting. Most landlords expect that when a tenant moves out, there will be a need to repaint rooms and make some minor repairs here and there. But some nightmare tenants will leave thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in their wake. You can pursue legal action against them to seek repayment, but the timetable for a lawsuit is uncertain, and who knows if the tenants will even have the financial means with which to pay any kind of fees awarded by the courts?

You are then faced with the expense of paying for the repairs yourself so that you can rent the home to a new tenant (who might, for all you know, do something similar) or so that you can put the home on the market to sell. But then you must ask if you have the funds yourself to pay for the necessary repairs. It could be hard to lay out a few thousand dollars for repairs, especially if you are between tenants and need to keep making mortgage payments on the property.

This is another instance in which FasterHouse helps St. Louis area homeowners with bad tenant rentals. We buy houses fast for cash as-is. This means there is no need to make repairs and improvements. We purchase the home in its current condition, so you will not have to spend time and money getting repairs made on your rental home.

Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of a stress-free cash sale with a quick closing process. Don’t assume you need to continue cycling through bad tenants. FasterHouse can provide an exciting alternative to renting your home because we buy houses St Louis.

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