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Job Transfer Situations

Job Transfer Situations

    The idea of moving because of a career opportunity is an exciting one that opens up many possibilities. It also opens up many challenges and creates quite a lengthy to-do list. You will need to find a new home, pick the perfect school for your children, locate a new job for your spouse, and learn about the area immediately surrounding your new home. With so much to do, it can be wise to sell your old home as quickly as possible. FasterHouse can put its experience buying homes in transfer… Read More »Job Transfer Situations

    We buy townhouses


      Townhouses are often popular housing choices for those looking for alternatives to single-family homes. You might choose a townhouse because you don’t want the hassle of keeping up with lawn maintenance. Perhaps a townhouse is the most cost-effective option for you. Or maybe a townhouse is simply the right-sized home for your current marital and/or family situation. But whatever your original reason for purchasing a townhouse, you will likely reach a point at which you want to sell your townhouse in St Louis. And when that time comes, you can… Read More »Townhouses

      location map for selling a home

      Tips for Selling Your Home

        Whether you are a first time home seller or have some experience selling a property, there are always opportunities to use helpful tips for selling your home. The housing market Is always changing, with differences noted from region to region throughout the country. But where should you seek out tips from, and which ones are most relevant to you. It All Starts with Location Location, location, location is an old phrase used in real estate for many years in reference to the most important factor in buying or selling a… Read More »Tips for Selling Your Home

        St Louis House Buying Companies

        St. Louis House Buying Companies

          If you are looking to sell your home, you will find no shortage of St. Louis house buying companies who say they are ready to help you with your sale. But you will want to choose carefully to make certain that your choice is the right one. Here’s just a few reasons why FasterHouse is a leader among St. Louis house buying companies. We Buy Your St. Louis Home As-Is If you have ever bought or sold a home through a real estate agent, you know that the process includes… Read More »St. Louis House Buying Companies

          St Louis House Buyer

          St Louis House Buyer

            Finding the right St. Louis house buyer can be the key to a successful home selling process. Learn what makes FasterHouse a premier St. Louis house buyer. Solutions for Every Sales Scenario Our knowledgeable Saint Louis home buyers have worked with sellers facing the following life events: Retirement Foreclosure Relocating to a different city or state Inheritance Downsizing your home Job loss Divorce Need for repairs Whether you’re looking to sell your home for one of those reasons or one not listed here, we have helped people in situations similar… Read More »St Louis House Buyer

            Lady Holding Short Sale Sign

            Short Sale Houses

              Over the past 10 years, the economy has presented a number of challenges to current and aspiring homeowners. Because of this, as well as the natural differences in housing markets, short sales have become more commonplace. In fact, in 2009 the Making Home Affordable Program was introduced, including a component known as the Home Affordable Foreclosures Act provided homeowners with the opportunity to engage in a short sale and be forgiven of the remaining debt associated with the home. If you are considering a short sale in St Louis, you… Read More »Short Sale Houses

              Lady Holding Short Sale Sign

              Short Sale Homes

                Unfortunately, the U.S. economy has seen a number of ups and downs over the past decade-plus. The recession of 2008 in particular had a damaging effect on the housing market. That has taken a real toll on homeowners, leaving many in a position where they can no longer afford the homes they have purchased. Because of this, short sale home sales have begun to occur with more frequency. What is a short sale? This is a sale in which a home is sold for less money than will cover the… Read More »Short Sale Homes

                speed up the selling - stopwatch

                Selling House As Is

                  When it comes to selling a home, most people think of hiring a real estate agent to help them set a price, market their home though web sites and signage, show it to prospective buyers, and guide them through the closing process. While there is certainly value in that approach, it is not for everyone. The fees associated with this type of sale are something many people would like to avoid, while others wish to speed up the selling timeline. For those looking to simply avoid the fees, selling your… Read More »Selling House As Is

                  Selling House As Is In St Louis and St Charles

                  Selling a House AS IS in St Louis is Fast and Easy

                    Like others in your situation, you have a house in the St. Louis that you need to sell quickly. If you have an unattractive house, your house may require so many upgrades and fixes that you will have difficulty selling it “as is”. You want to know how much you can get for your home. You need someone to buy the unattractive house quickly, yet not take advantage of you. You want someone who can buy your house within a matter of days, not weeks or months. At FasterHouse we work… Read More »Selling a House AS IS in St Louis is Fast and Easy