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    Dealing with a probate situation can be one of the most stressful ordeals a person can go through. Probate can last anywhere from six months to a year. During that time, you may wind up paying for bills related to the home, ranging from the mortgage itself to insurance to upkeep costs out of your own pocket. It can also be stressful in that family members may disagree on how money and possessions should be distributed. When dealing with a probate house in St Louis, you may find that the… Read More »Probate

    We buy outdated houses

    Outdated House

      Selling an outdated house in St Louis can be a difficult task. Selling a home that is even just a few years old can be a long and drawn out process if you are selling through traditional methods. But an outdated home can take significantly longer as you factor in cosmetic updates, repairs, and other necessary improvements. But there are options available to you that allow you to sell your outdated home quickly – and for cash! FasterHouse has the solution to your outdated house problem. If you are planning… Read More »Outdated House

      fast home offer-it is all about speed-showing a fast car

      Need a Fast Home Offer

        If you are considering selling your home, one of the things keeping you from moving forward with the sale might be the length of time typically associated with the selling process. Whether you are looking to sell your home urgently because of some change happening in your life, or you are simply looking for a new home, you do not have to settle for the long, drawn-out steps involved in selling your home through traditional methods. Contact FasterHouse today and we will provide you with a fast home offer. Selling… Read More »Need a Fast Home Offer

        Looking for cash home buyer

        Looking For A Cash Home Buyer

          Cash home buyers offer excellent options in a variety of home-selling situations. Why do home sellers just like you choose to work with cash home buyers? Speed Ask anyone who has sold a home – the process can take a long time. If you’re lucky, it might take a few months. But if it takes a while to find a buyer, you could be looking at several months or even longer to sell your home. That’s frustrating, but even worse, it may not be financially viable for you. After all,… Read More »Looking For A Cash Home Buyer

          Job loss - distressed situation

          Job Loss Situation

            There are a variety of factors that make job loss a reality for many Americans these days. Changes in the way technology impacts industries like retail, or the way manufacturing is handled often results in layoffs at even the largest and most venerable companies. In other instances, companies move positions or even entire offices overseas or out of state in order to save money, earn tax benefits, or to centralize operations. And of course factors like mergers, acquisitions, or companies simply going out of businesses can have a negative impact… Read More »Job Loss Situation

            How to sell your home - family in from of for sale sign

            How to Sell Your Home

              When you think of selling your home, do any of the following phrases come to mind? Difficult Time-Consuming Expensive Stressful Overwhelming Anxiety If so, you’re not alone. Many people equate the home selling process with those problems, and for good reason. All too often, selling your home takes too long, costs too much, and causes too much stress. But that is often a result of home sellers not knowing that there are options available to selling your home through a real estate agent. Here is some guidance on how to… Read More »How to Sell Your Home

              Home selling ideas and tips - hand holding light bulb

              Home Selling Tips

                One of the most important events in your life occurs when you make the decision to sell your home. Most people will not sell a home more than once or twice in a lifetime, so it can be a confusing and even intimidating experience. How can you make sure you sell it for the right price? How can you shorten the timeline of the sale? How do you handle negotiations with buyers? Should you hire a real estate agent or choose another option? These questions are just some of the… Read More »Home Selling Tips

                Home buying sites like FasterHouse's website - image

                Home Buying Sites

                  There are several ways that you can sell your home. Most people are familiar with the option of using a real estate agent to sell your property, and some people also realize you can sell your home as an owner. But how familiar are you with home buying sites? If you are selling your home, this is an option you may want to consider as there are many advantages to using home buying sites. Experience with Every Home Selling Situation One advantage of selling through a home buying sites is… Read More »Home Buying Sites

                  We buy foundation cracked houses

                  Foundation Cracked Houses

                    Imagine the following scenario: you are preparing to sell your home. You have selected a real estate agent, and in the course of ensuring the house is ready for sale, you schedule a home inspection. While your home may seem like it’s in great shape while you live in it day-to-day, you never know what problems an inspector might find that are not readily apparent. In this case, the inspector brings bad news, explaining that your house’s foundation is cracked. What do you do now? suggests that a typical… Read More »Foundation Cracked Houses