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Buy Houses Any Condition Even With Out of State Owners

    Buy Houses Any Condition

    Out of Town Owner Wanting to Sell their House Fast and Easy

    This is a really cool story of a house FasterHouse bought.  The house is located in University City, a nice part of town, outside Clayton in the St. Louis Metro area.  The couple bought the house 40 years ago.  Then they were transferred to Washington, DC one year later.  They weren’t sure how long they were going to be in the DC area so they rented their house in University City.

    The couple that they rented the house to lived there for almost 40 years.  They paid their rent on time until they recently moved out.  The couple that owned the house had one tenant for almost 40 years.  The tenants didn’t take the best care of the house while they were there.  When the tenant moved out the out of town homeowners didn’t want to do a major renovations or updating to the house.

    They were established in Washington, DC and were not going to move back to St. Louis.  They called FasterHouse and told us they wanted to sell the house as is.  They flew to St. Louis and met us at the house.  We walked through the house together. We made them an offer, they thought about it for a day.  They called us back and accepted the offer.  They flew back to Washington DC.

    We had the title work done on the house and when it came back okay, we were able to close a few days later.  The homeowners actually signed the paperwork from Washington, DC.  We made the process hassle free.

    If you are an out of town homeowner, or simply want to sell your house, please call us at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form