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Distress Property

We buy houses as is in any distress condition, ugly or pretty, through out the St Louis Missouri metro area. Sell your house fast for cash and remove your burden. FasterHouse is a professional house buying company. Get a free, fair offer 314-926-0660 today!

How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [Mega Guide]

    How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [Mega Guide] Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we have to react quickly to avoid letting it turn our whole life upside down. Maybe you got a new job in another state or you inherited an unwanted house and you need to get rid of it quickly. Whatever the reason, selling your home for cash can be a great way to get your money fast. There are several things you can do to help sell your home fast for cash. Read… Read More »How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [Mega Guide]

    black mold dangers

    We Buy Houses with Mold

      The following scenario has played out all too many times during the process of selling a home. A home seller has had their home on the market for some time and finally finds a buyer. The buyer makes an offer on the home, and after some back and forth negotiations, an offer that both sides can agree upon is reached. Home loans are being finalized, the current owners are looking for a new property, and then, upon inspecting the home to help close the sale, mold is discovered. Now the… Read More »We Buy Houses with Mold

      We buy outdated houses

      Outdated House

        Selling an outdated house in St Louis can be a difficult task. Selling a home that is even just a few years old can be a long and drawn out process if you are selling through traditional methods. But an outdated home can take significantly longer as you factor in cosmetic updates, repairs, and other necessary improvements. But there are options available to you that allow you to sell your outdated home quickly – and for cash! FasterHouse has the solution to your outdated house problem. If you are planning… Read More »Outdated House

        We buy foundation cracked houses

        Foundation Cracked Houses

          Imagine the following scenario: you are preparing to sell your home. You have selected a real estate agent, and in the course of ensuring the house is ready for sale, you schedule a home inspection. While your home may seem like it’s in great shape while you live in it day-to-day, you never know what problems an inspector might find that are not readily apparent. In this case, the inspector brings bad news, explaining that your house’s foundation is cracked. What do you do now? suggests that a typical… Read More »Foundation Cracked Houses

          Flooded basement houses

          Flooded Basement Houses

            A flooded basement can cause a variety of problems ranging from minor inconveniences to ones requiring costly repairs. In more extreme scenarios, you might decide that because of the damage caused by basement flooding that it makes more sense to sell your home as-is. FasterHouse offers you over 15 years of experience helping people in situations similar to yours find an effective way to get fair cash offers for their St Louis houses with flooded basements. There are many reasons that a basement may flood. Too much rain, backed up… Read More »Flooded Basement Houses

            Fire damaged houses

            Fire Damaged Houses

              Has your home suffered damage from a fire? If so, you may be weighing the options available to you. The severity of the damage will strongly influence your decision, as lesser amounts of damage might allow you to continue living in the home while other levels of damage might require vacating the home temporarily while repairs are made. If that is the case, you may then want to consider a different option – selling your fire damaged house in St Louis as-is. FasterHouse specializes in these types of sales, giving… Read More »Fire Damaged Houses

              Selling A Home With Fire Damage?

                Dealing with a fire in your home can be devastating, even if it is insured. One St. Charles resident recently found out that it can be a blessing in disguise. Irvin is 93 years old and lived very comfortably in his St. Charles life. Despite persuasion from his son to move closer to him in Kansas City, Irvin didn’t want to leave his routine. He had friends to socialize with and still drove himself to lunch and other social outings. Unfortunately, his 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch home was becoming difficult… Read More »Selling A Home With Fire Damage?