Here’s the scenario:

Your parents are getting older and lately, it seems you are getting calls more frequently that they are having problems.  So far, those problems have been manageable…some small household repairs, run an errand here or there, need some help with taxes or financial decisions…but you know the day is coming when the problem will be much bigger.  You are dreading the call that someone has fallen, or they are sick and feel they need to go to the hospital, or even worse.  And it makes it even harder when they don’t live close by.

What are your options?

Move them in with you?  No one is crazy about the cramped space or the privacy they will lose.

Move them to a senior community?  Mom and dad don’t feel they are ready for that.  They are still in decent health and feel they can generally care for their own needs.  And the cost is an issue that you would rather put off as long as you can.

How about allowing them to live in your backyard?  No…not a tent.  How about a real house but just steps from your door.  Take a look at this article to learn about an intriguing solution called MEDCottages or Granny Pods.

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