Job loss - distressed situation

Job loss - distressed situationThere are a variety of factors that make job loss a reality for many Americans these days. Changes in the way technology impacts industries like retail, or the way manufacturing is handled often results in layoffs at even the largest and most venerable companies. In other instances, companies move positions or even entire offices overseas or out of state in order to save money, earn tax benefits, or to centralize operations.

And of course factors like mergers, acquisitions, or companies simply going out of businesses can have a negative impact on the employment status of larger groups of workers. When job losses occur, it can impact an individual or family, and that might eve extend to needing to sell one’s home. If you need to sell your St Louis home due to a job loss situation, you can find the help you need in getting cash fast from FasterHouse.

Selling your home after losing your job may be advisable if you foresee yourself having a difficult time finding a new job, or finding a new job at a salary comparable to the one you recently lost. Rather than be stuck with mortgage payments you cannot comfortably afford, you could find some relief in selling your home. Or perhaps you have already paid off your home, but could use the cash that would come from a home sale in order to ease your other financial obligations.

Another scenario in which it might make sense to sell your St Louis home after losing your job is if you need to move elsewhere in order to find a new career opportunity. If you are moving across the state or across the country, then selling your home as quickly as possible will be highly beneficial so that you can move forward with your new life.

If you have experienced a job loss, then getting cash for your home is something you won’t want to wait for. Selling your home through a real estate agent will likely not be a viable solution. First of all, you will need to give a percentage of your sale price to the agent, so you are already cutting into how much money you will make from the sale.

Additionally, your buyer may request that you pay for certain repairs or upgrades as a contingency of the sale. If you do not comply with the request, they may not purchase. That means taking additional money out of your pocket – money that you very likely do not have available if you have you are dealing with a job loss situation.

Selling your home on an as-is basis might be the best choice if you are trying to sell your St Louis home after a job loss. With an as-is sale, you won’t have to worry about giving a portion of your sale price to a real estate agent. You will not have to worry about making repairs or upgrades. And you will not have to worry about the process dragging out.

Once you contact our St Louis area home buying experts, we will schedule a time to visit your home. After we walk through your house and get a sense of its value, we will make an offer for your home. Once you accept, we can use our business partnerships with area title companies to move the closing process along quickly.

Since as-is sales provide quick ways for you to get cash for your home without taking extra money out of your pocket for repairs or realtor fees, they may be your best option when selling your St Louis home due to job loss. Contact FasterHouse at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form now to get the financial relief you need now.

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