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We Buy former Meth and Chemical Houses

    We Buy Meth and Chemical Houses

    We Buy Meth and Chemical HousesUnfortunately, meth has become not only an ever-increasing societal concern, but also a concern for homeowners who rent out their properties as well. The damage caused by meth usage or in even worse cases, meth production can create substantial repair bills. At FasterHouse, we can save you from those expenses because we buy homes damaged by meth and other chemicals in the greater Saint Louis area.

    When independent publications and organizations have released data regarding meth usage, Missouri has generally ranked as one of the states in which the problem is most prevalent. The problem is especially noticeable in many of Missouri’s rural counties. If your St. Louis area home is suffering from meth or chemical damage, you will have some very serious considerations to weigh.

    The problem goes far beyond what addressing a tenant who smoked cigarettes in the home, or even a drug like marijuana. In those cases, unpleasant smells, and perhaps smoke damage on the walls will be the primary concerns. But meth damage can be so intensive that a home needs to be stripped to the studs so that you can truly remove all contamination.

    Home repairs on that scale can easily cost in the five figures, so if you face this situation, you will need to ask yourself two important questions:

    -am I willing to make that much of an investment in order to put the home back on the market as a rental property?

    -am I willing to make that much of an investment so that rather than renting, I can sell the home at full price?

    Regarding the first question, the answer will likely be no, but it may depend on how long you plan on keeping the home. You will need to look at how much profit you are making each month from the home and then see how long it would take to make back the money you would spend on de-contaminating the home to eliminate the meth issue. That way you will know what would be required to make the meth cleanup a profitable investment.

    If it would take longer to make back your money than you are comfortable with, then you may decide to sell your meth-damaged home in St. Louis. If that is the route you decide to pursue, then as noted you will need to determine if you can pay to have the meth or chemical decontamination done so that you can try to sell the home at full price. If you invest $20,000 in repairs, will that help you earn another $20,000 (or more) on the sale price of the home?

    If not, FasterHouse can help. We buy meth-damaged homes in the St. Louis area on an as-is basis. This means that you do not need to worry about paying for decontamination or any other repairs. We pay you cash for your home exactly as it is today, saving you significant amounts of money that might have otherwise gone to repairs as well as time that it would take for repairs to be done.

    If you do not have the money to spend on meth repairs, or if it simply does not make fiscal sense to make the investment, call us today. We have helped many homeowners just like you, and we can provide a fast and easy way to sell your St. Louis meth-damaged home.