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Rental Houses

    We buy rental houses

    We buy rental housesRenting a home out can be a helpful source of income, but it can also be a serious cause of stress. Finding the right tenants and retaining them once you have them is no easy task. If major repairs are needed, you as the home owner will be on the hook for covering them. And it’s one extra area to address when filing taxes each year. So if the stress of renting out a home is outweighing the financial benefits that come with it, you may want to consider selling it. And if selling rental houses in St Louis is something you are interested in, you will definitely want to learn about the speedy sales process offered by FasterHouse.

    FasterHouse has years of experience helping home owners who want to sell the houses they have been renting out. Perhaps you have had tenants leave in the middle of a lease, and you need fast cash because of it. Maybe a large repair came up, and rather than fix it, you have decided it will make more sense to sell the home. Or you may have simply decided that financially it simply works out better for you to sell than to continue to rent it out. Regardless of the reason you want to sell your rental house in St Louis, we probably have experience in a situation similar to yours.

    Speed is an important factor when looking to sell rental houses in St Louis. If you have been renting your home out, you are probably paying for the home you are actually living in as well. That means not one but two house payments. Do you want to wait months to select a real estate agent, identify what needs to be fixed in the home, having the repairs, made, waiting for the right seller to come along, and then finally closing on the house. That scenario could stretch anywhere from a few months’ time to over a year, depending on the housing market at the time. Imagine paying two mortgage payments all that time?

    This is why an alternative like FasterHouse makes so much sense for landlords who are considering selling their homes. Our streamlined process will put cash in your hands in a fraction of the time needed in a more traditional sale, saving you thousands of dollars in additional house payments that you would otherwise be making.

    We are staffed with experts who know the St Louis housing market inside and out. That equips them with the ability to inspect your home and quickly provide you with our very best offer – no negotiation needed – on an as-is basis. So rather than wait for a potential buyer to decide what they want to ask you to fix, we take the house as it currently stands, further saving you time and money.

    We even use our connections to the area’s best title companies to move the closing process along quickly, continuing our commitment to saving you time in your sale. If you are a home owner considering the benefits of selling rental houses in St Louis, we think you’ll appreciate the fast, as-is, cash sales approach of FasterHouse. Just call 314-926-0660 or fill out this form