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When the Sales Contract Fell Through, Bryan and FasterHouse Stepped in and Closed the Deal!

Hear Bryan Schroeder from FasterHouse and Carol, the home seller, talk about turning a very stressful, failed home sale into a quick, easy and pain-free experience.

“Hello! This is Bryan Schroeder with FasterHouse.  I just closed on a house this morning from a lady named Carol.  She called us last week, kind of in a panic.

A little history on her…she had built a house back in 1960 in Maryland Heights and she had owned it this entire time, about 50 years.  She was wanting to sell it…she and her husband were divorced about 20 years ago and she wanted to keep it.  She wasn’t ready to sell it at that time, so her daughter rented it from her for quite a number of years, maybe about 15 or 16 years.  And then her daughter passed away and she just wasn’t ready to sell it.

She was attached to the house, so she rented it out a little longer.  About a month ago, the family who had rented it for the last few years decided to move on and she found someone to buy it who was a friend of a friend.  They wrote a contract and were supposed to close this week.  Last week, this person called and said he wasn’t going to be able to honor his contract.

When he wrote the contract, he told Carol he was a cash buyer and he told her he would be able to close without a problem.  It turns out he wasn’t a cash buyer and he needed to get a loan on the property, and he was not able to get the loan from the bank that he was requesting the loan from.

So she was really frustrated because she and her new husband had planned a vacation and they were going to leave tomorrow.  She really wanted to get this behind her before she left for vacation.

So she called me up last week, told me the situation, and asked me if there was something I could do to help.  So I went over to look at the house. I liked the house!  It was something we could fix up and resell, so that is what our intentions are.

So we wrote a contract with her last week, took it to the title company, and we closed yesterday.  She and her new husband are off on vacation tomorrow, and she is happy!”

And how does Carol feel about all of this?

“Bryan Schroeder was my angel! He got this deal done, signed a contract Friday and closed on the following Wednesday.  I couldn’t be happier!  You had better get him because he is good!”

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