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Sell House Without A Realtor Because…

    Sell House Without Realtor

    No Listing Hassles

    This is an interesting story.  We have been talking to this lady for almost 2 years before she was ready to sell her house.  We got to know each other real well during the process.  She didn’t want to sell her house through a real estate agent.  She was originally from Virginia and was transferred to the St. Louis Area about 5 to 6 years ago.  She stayed with the company until she retired a year and a half ago.

    When she was getting close to retirement she called FasterHouse and shared the story of when she sold the house in Virginia.  She had the house listed with a real estate agent and had a Supra lock box on the house.  Some real estate agents get aggressive when they have a buyer.  A real estate agent didn’t set up an appointment she just showed up, knocked on the door, when there was no answer, she used the Supra key to get in to the house.  She was showing her client around the house and our client was taking a bath when they walked in on her.  She was scared and uncomfortable.

    She did finally sell her house in Virginia.  She moved to St. Peters after she finally sold the house.  She wanted to move back home to Virginia after retirement.  She called us up and shared her story. She said she would never sell her house with an agent for that reason.  She was scared to go through that again.  She wanted to sell her house directly to someone.  When she first called, she wasn’t ready to move.  She called when she was ready.  We made it easy and she was able to move back to Virginia without the hassles of listing her house.

    If you would like to avoid using a realtor and avoid the hassles of selling your house please call us at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form