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Sell My House Fast For Market Value In St Louis

    Sell My House Fast For Market Value In St Louis

    Sell My House Fast For Market Value In St Louis

    Dan: Hello. This is Dan Stratford again, with Faster House out of St. Louis. Our company is C1 Partners, we interview business like Faster House to learn more about their markets and their industry, and how they serve their markets. Faster House is an excellent real estate company based in the St. Louis market that helps people buy homes, or when they need to sell them quickly. It helps people rent homes and even rent to own homes. Helping them rebuild their credit and be in a position to buy a house. Today we are going to talk about how you can find out what the value of a home may be that you are considering selling or maybe if you’re looking to buy a house. That don’t require you to call a real estate agent. Bryan, if it were you and you’re looking to find values of a house and you aren’t a real estate agent, what kind of tools might you use online to do that?

    Bryan: There’s been more and more tools coming online here recently and they’re getting better and better. Probably the two most prominent ones are Zillow and Trulia. They’re both websites that keep track of values of properties all over the country.

    Dan: What would be some of the advantages of using a Trulia or a Zillow to find property values?

    Bryan: One of the big advantages is you can just hop on your computer and get on or and punch in the address of your property. Within a minute they’ll spit out what they think a ballpark value for your house is. It’s super easy, super quick. It’s kind of a ballpark number, but it’s super easy and super quick.

    Dan: Are there situations where you’ve seen it being more accurate and other situations where you’ve seen it be less accurate? What might be some of the factors for that happening?

    Bryan: That’s a great question. They’re kind of computer generated by taking into consideration all the houses that have sold in that area recently. If you’re in an area where all the houses are somewhat similar, maybe a tract built subdivision that was all built by a single builder, or a couple of similar builders, and your house is typical for a neighborhood. In good condition, not rundown or anything like that. It doesn’t have a big addition on the back or something that’s unusual, or a finished basement, maybe. If your house is kind of typical for the neighborhood. I’ve found that those values are actually very accurate. Those are the situations where it works the best.

    Dan: Gotcha. It sounds like if people have had additions or maybe an older neighborhood … is it more difficult to price out an older neighborhood that’s not covenant controlled? In fact, I’m curious. Have you seen those homes where they scrape an old home and they put up a new one. How difficult is it to price out homes in those neighborhoods?

    Bryan: That’s where the Zillow or Trulia might not be quite as accurate. A house where most of the houses in the neighborhood might be fifty years old and all of a sudden, you tear down one and build a nice brand new one there that’s maybe bigger, nicer, than all the ones around it. It’s not going to take that into consideration real well. It’s going to have a real tough time valuing that property. An older neighborhood where maybe there’s a hundred thousand dollar house sitting right next to three hundred thousand dollar houses. There’s a lot of differences in the houses, just in the character and the quality and the upgrades. The computer programs don’t know those things. They’re just taking a large amount of information, trying to guess a value based on that. There’s a lot of things that are really different. They can’t do those very accurately. The older neighborhoods, especially in downtowns, the Zillows and the Trulias, they are still an indicator, but you wouldn’t rely on that to figure out how much you’re going to sell your house for.

    Dan: What tools do you have as a real estate company that helps you give a more accurate value of a home than using a Zillow or a Trulia?

    Bryan: We have a database of what all the houses in the neighborhood have sold for recently. Zillow and Trulia have that same database, but what a good real estate agent is going to be able to do is they’re going to know that neighborhood. They’re going to know the specifics about your house. What’s going to either increase the value of it or decrease it by the comparable houses around you that have sold recently. The thing that a really good real estate agent’s going to do is they’re going to know the local market and the specifics about your house, which a Zillow or Trulia can’t do. They’re just a nationwide database company.

    Dan: The bottom line is experience is going to make a big difference. Experience and knowledge of your marketplace.

    Bryan: Absolutely. Especially when you’re in a neighborhood that’s not … when you look around your neighborhood and every house is pretty darn similar, Trulia and Zillow are going to do a good job with that. But if you look around your neighborhood and every house is a little different, especially if they’re a lot different, then you really need a good real estate agent to hit the point of value there.

    Dan: Thanks for your time today, Bryan. If you want to learn more about Faster House or you’re looking to sell a house, or rent to own, or rent, check them out at Until next time, we’ll let you go. Take care!


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