We Buy Houses – Real Stories

Here are some real stories of houses we have bought over the years.  These stories can give you a snapshot of the types of properties we purchase and how we are able to help home sellers in different circumstances.

FasterHouse Helps an Heir Sell His Inherited Home Quickly and Easily

Enjoy watching those home renovation shows?  Want to see some amazing before and after pictures?  Take a look at this video where Bryan Schroeder describes how he helped a son, who had inherited his childhood home after his parents’ death, evaluate his options to settle the estate.

Hello!  This is Bryan Schroeder with FasterHouse.  I am excited to share a story with you about a home we recently purchased and renovated.  You are looking at the before and after pictures right now. 

I received a call from a gentleman who had inherited his childhood home from his parents after they had passed away.  The home hadn’t been updated in many years and it was in dire need of work.  The son was overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the estate on his own, so he called us to see what we could do to help. 

I met the son at the home and made an offer on the house that same day.  He was pleased with the offer and accepted it on the spot.  Three weeks later, we closed on the sale and the son was relieved to have the burden of the estate settlement off of his shoulders. 

The son removed the possessions that had meaning to him and his family and asked us to take care of donating the rest.  There were a lot of items in every room of the house and the basement was full, so not having to make decisions about what to do with all of the stuff was a big deal to him.  Helping sellers manage the items left in the home is something we often do, and we have connections with companies who are able to put the items to good use.

We spent the next couple of months putting our rehab crews to work.  The home was renovated from the ground up with all new fixtures and flooring and a beautiful new deck on the back.  We removed lots of wallpaper and paneling and put in a brand new kitchen and all new bathrooms.  We cleaned up the landscaping, added some new windows and did some plumbing and electrical work .  Soon after completion, the home was sold to a family who was excited to start a new chapter of their life story.

If you know anyone who has inherited a home or who has a home that they need to sell quickly and easily, we would love to help.  They can reach me at 314-926-0660.

When the Sales Contract Fell Through, Bryan and FasterHouse Stepped in and Closed the Deal!

Hear Bryan Schroeder from FasterHouse and Carol, the home seller, talk about turning a very stressful, failed home sale into a quick, easy and pain-free experience.

“Hello! This is Bryan Schroeder with FasterHouse.  I just closed on a house this morning from a lady named Carol.  She called us last week, kind of in a panic. 

A little history on her…she had built a house back in 1960 in Maryland Heights and she had owned it this entire time, about 50 years.  She was wanting to sell it…she and her husband were divorced about 20 years ago and she wanted to keep it.  She wasn’t ready to sell it at that time, so her daughter rented it from her for quite a number of years, maybe about 15 or 16 years.  And then her daughter passed away and she just wasn’t ready to sell it. 

She was attached to the house, so she rented it out a little longer.  About a month ago, the family who had rented it for the last few years decided to move on and she found someone to buy it who was a friend of a friend.  They wrote a contract and were supposed to close this week.  Last week, this person called and said he wasn’t going to be able to honor his contract. 

When he wrote the contract, he told Carol he was a cash buyer and he told her he would be able to close without a problem.  It turns out he wasn’t a cash buyer and he needed to get a loan on the property, and he was not able to get the loan from the bank that he was requesting the loan from. 

So she was really frustrated because she and her new husband had planned a vacation and they were going to leave tomorrow.  She really wanted to get this behind her before she left for vacation. 

So she called me up last week, told me the situation, and asked me if there was something I could do to help.  So I went over to look at the house. I liked the house!  It was something we could fix up and resell, so that is what our intentions are. 

So we wrote a contract with her last week, took it to the title company, and we closed yesterday.  She and her new husband are off on vacation tomorrow, and she is happy!”

And how does Carol feel about all of this?

“Bryan Schroeder was my angel! He got this deal done, signed a contract Friday and closed on the following Wednesday.  I couldn’t be happier!  You had better get him because he is good!”


Family Avoids Rehab of Ailing Mother’s Home by Selling to FasterHouse

FasterHouse shares a story of a recent home purchase where he was able to help the children of an ailing mother sell her home rather than investing time and money making repairs.

These decisions aren’t always easy to make and can sometimes take time.  In this situation, it was six months from the time Phillip first visited the family until they decided that selling the home as-is was the right decision.

If you have a home that you would like to sell, give FasterHouse a call at 314-926-0660.  Our buyers will treat you fairly and with integrity and will work in a timeframe that meets your needs.  Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many happy seller testimonials demonstrates that FasterHouse has been a trusted home buyer in the St. Louis metro area for over 12 years.

“Hello!  My name is Phillip with FasterHouse.  Today I would like to talk about a house that we just bought in Lake St. Louis.  The family contacted us in October 2013.  They had their mother’s house and she was 91 years old.  She had Alzheimer’s and she had been living in the house by herself with some cats. 

The cats had done quite a bit of damage to the house and they were looking to sell the house quickly and easily.  But the family decided to not sell it to me.  They decided to rehab the house themselves and put it on the market to sell it retail, so they could net the most money for their mother. 

Six months later, I got a phone call from the family.  They said the rehab had never happened.  They were too busy taking care of mom and they never got around to rehabbing the house, and she had asked me if my offer still stood. 

So I said, because of the cat damage, I needed to make sure that nothing else had happened.  So I met her out there the same day and we ended up getting the house bought for the same offer I had made six months before. 

So, in this particular case, we helped a family, but it was six months after our initial visit.  People every day decide if they are going to rehab the house themselves and try to sell it, or do they want to hit the ‘easy’ button and just sell for cash.”


Landlord with Bad Tenant

Here is a story about a house we bought in St. Charles Missouri.  A landlord called FasterHouse from a sign he saw about our house buying company.  The gentleman had been a landlord for years.  One house he owned, he rented for over 10 years to a couple.  That couple had 2 kids who grew up in the house.  Over the years the parent’s paid well.  The dad got sick and passed away.  The mom got sick and passed away shortly after the dad.

The tenant in the house was the son of this couple.  The son wasn’t responsible.  He didn’t take care of the house or pay his rent.  He wasn’t a nice guy.  The landlord couldn’t get along with him.  The landlord didn’t want to go through the process of evicting him.  He wanted to sell the house as is. The landlord didn’t want to deal with this man any longer.

The tenant had changed the locks and the landlord didn’t have a key to the new locks so he couldn’t get in to the house.  The tenant wouldn’t let us in to see the house.

So we walked around the house and looked in the windows. We bought the house from what we could see walking around and looking in the windows.  After we purchased the house, it took about 4 months to get him evicted.   He was hard to deal with and wouldn’t leave willingly.  The landlord was happy to be free of the deadbeat tenant and was grateful to sell the house quick and easy.

 Unwanted Inherited House with Multiple Heirs

A story from a house FasterHouse bought.  The house was in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.  A gentleman called us about his parent’s house.  He had grown up in the house.  They lived there for 35 or 40 years.  His parents built the house.  Everything was original.  They hadn’t updated anything over the years.  It needed a considerable amount of work and updating.

The gentleman had 4 other brothers and sisters.  He was the only one who lived in the St. Louis Metro area. He was responsible for settling the estate.  There was a fair amount of work to do and he had a very busy life.  He wanted an easy way to sell the house fast without requiring a lot of time or money.

We met him out at the house. We looked at the house. It is the type of house that we buy.  We negotiated a price that worked for both of us.  We wrote up a contract and a week later we signed the papers and he had a check.  This is a somewhat typical scenario we run in to a lot.  Where one sibling is responsible to get the estate settled even though there are several siblings involved.  One sibling has the majority of the responsibility because they are the only one who lives locally.

We can often make it very easy for all the heirs.  If they go through the trouble of rehabbing it, they do a lot of work for a small return if any on the investment.  By selling the house to FasterHouse, they were able to quickly sell the house and split the profits without the hassles of fixing it up and putting it on the market.

No Listing Hassles

This is an interesting story.  We have been talking to this lady for almost 2 years before she was ready to sell her house.  We got to know each other real well during the process.  She didn’t want to sell her house through a real estate agent.  She was originally from Virginia and was transferred to the St. Louis Area about 5 to 6 years ago.  She stayed with the company until she retired a year and a half ago.

When she was getting close to retirement she called FasterHouse and shared the story of when she sold the house in Virginia.  She had the house listed with a real estate agent and had a Supra lock box on the house.  Some real estate agents get aggressive when they have a buyer.  A real estate agent didn’t set up an appointment she just showed up, knocked on the door, when there was no answer, she used the Supra key to get in to the house.  She was showing her client around the house and our client was taking a bath when they walked in on her.  She was scared and uncomfortable.

She did finally sell her house in Virginia.  She moved to St. Peters after she finally sold the house.  She wanted to move back home to Virginia after retirement.  She called us up and shared her story. She said she would never sell her house with an agent for that reason.  She was scared to go through that again.  She wanted to sell her house directly to someone.  When she first called, she wasn’t ready to move.  She called when she was ready.  We made it easy and she was able to move back to Virginia without the hassles of listing her house.

Unwanted Inherited House

This is a sad story of a house FasterHouse purchased not too long ago.  A gentleman from Southern Missouri called us about buying his son’s house.  His son had passed away.  His son lived in O’Fallon Missouri. His son was in his forties and he had lived in the house for about 10 years.  He was a bit of a loner, no family or friends nearby.

His dad called us about 3 or 4 months after his son passed away.  He shared his story with us.  We met out at the house.  His son passed away in the house.  He had a heart attack sitting at his desk paying bills.  He passed away on a Friday, and wasn’t found until Monday when he didn’t show up for work.  His father wanted to get rid of the house. It was tough for him.  He had a lot of emotions about it.

When we met him out at the house, we walked through the house and made him an offer. We agreed on a sale price.  We made it really easy for him.  He just had to show up at the title company, sign the paperwork and collect his check so that he could move on.  It was a difficult situation for him.  We were able to help him move on by selling his son’s house quick and easy with no hassles.

Out of Town Owner Wanting to Sell their House Fast and Easy

This is a really cool story of a house FasterHouse bought.  The house is located in University City, a nice part of town, outside Clayton in the St. Louis Metro area.  The couple bought the house 40 years ago.  Then they were transferred to Washington, DC one year later.  They weren’t sure how long they were going to be in the DC area so they rented their house in University City.

The couple that they rented the house to lived there for almost 40 years.  They paid their rent on time until they recently moved out.  The couple that owned the house had one tenant for almost 40 years.  The tenants didn’t take the best care of the house while they were there.  When the tenant moved out the out of town homeowners didn’t want to do a major renovations or updating to the house.

They were established in Washington, DC and were not going to move back to St. Louis.  They called FasterHouse and told us they wanted to sell the house as is.  They flew to St. Louis and met us at the house.  We walked through the house together. We made them an offer, they thought about it for a day.  They called us back and accepted the offer.  They flew back to Washington DC.

We had the title work done on the house and when it came back okay, we were able to close a few days later.  The homeowners actually signed the paperwork from Washington, DC.  We made the process hassle free.

Unwanted Inherited House with a lot of Unwanted Belongings

A gentleman called FasterHouse from Mississippi because he wanted to sell his inherited house fast.  His dad had just passed away.  His dad owned a house in O’Fallon Missouri.  O’Fallon is right outside the St. Louis Metro Area, one of the areas where we buy houses.  The gentleman came up for his father’s funeral.

The son and dad weren’t real close.  They hadn’t seen each other in 10 years.  He was the only heir of his dad’s.  He called us before he came up for the funeral.  We met the day after the funeral.

His dad was a hoarder.  The house was full of stuff; nothing of much value, just a lot of stuff and the house was very dirty.  He wanted to sell it quick and get back to Mississippi.  We met at the house, we looked at it and we chatted for a little while and made him an offer.

We negotiated the sale price.  We wrote up the contract that day.  He decided to stay in town a few days.  We did a title search to make sure there were no liens on the property.  The title work all came back okay and we were able to buy it a few days later.  We closed in only a few days.  He received his check after the closing and headed back to Mississippi.   We made it fast and easy for him to sell his dad’s house.