Sell Your South St Louis County Condo As-Is For Cash


Camera: Okay! So first just tell me a little bit about the house that you just sold, and why you decided to sell it.

Man: Well we had a condo in south county that my parents lived in. Now its that time they face in their life to sell the condo, and that’s what we’ve been doing. And we’ve decided to go with your firm.

Camera: What made you guys decide to call FasterHouse, or what was your process?

Man: I had received literature in the mail from your folks and if ever we were ready to do something like this that we would keep you in mind and so we kept it in file. Then called and had the pleasure of meeting Sam Primm. It was a good exchange of information. Thought it was a fair price on the property and so here we are today.

Camera: is there a reason you went with Sam? Did you just decide you liked him?

Man: I immediately trusted Sam, he’s a good old boy. It went fine, it was a good transaction and everything has come exactly as you said. We’re very happy.

Camera: Perfect! How was it working with the title company? Did everything go okay with them?

Man: Everything’s fine, everything’s in order. No problems!

Camera: Is there anything you wished could have been differently, or anything along those lines?

Man: Nope, very happy with the processes. It’s gone very well and no complaints

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