Sell Your St. Louis Home Quickly to Pay for Medical Bills

Undergoing medical treatment is costly, and not many people have the funds for necessary procedures. One possible option to get additional cash is to sell your St. Louis home. How do you do it? FasterHouse has shared a guide to help you.

Medical Issues Are Costly

Health issues and problems cost a lot, even for people with insurance. Some plans don’t cover severe illnesses and other life-threatening conditions. These challenges leave you no choice but to pay out of pocket.

  • Cancer: Treating cancer involves chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Your bill could easily reach $150,000 and more.
  • Organ Transplant: From finding donors to the surgery itself, the process of organ transplants is expensive, starting at $400,000 in most cases.
  • Stroke: A stroke is not only debilitating, but its treatment can cost you anything from $30,000 to $120,000 in the country.

Access Trapped Equity to Fund Your Bills or Relocation

Having cash on hand doesn’t just help you fund medical procedures. The money can also help with things like relocation for treatment and the other minutiae of managing a health issue, from hiring a caregiver to paying for medication. One sure way to have the necessary resources is to sell your house and access the trapped equity.

Get Cash Out of Your Property

So, how do you get the cash out of your property quickly? Traditional real estate sales may seem tempting, but it’s not efficient or fast. Your property may stay on the market for months, and you will lose a lot from paying commissions and legal fees.

Selling the property to a cash buyer may be ideal, especially in emergencies like medical issues. Companies like FasterHouse offer an approach that allows you to get the cash you need in as quickly as a week.

Helping You No Matter the Life Situation

Aside from medical problems, we can help you access funds for other unique and unprecedented life situations.

  • Downsizing: Get extra funding to purchase a smaller home.
  • Divorce: We can help with property division during this emotional period of your life.
  • Home Upgrades: Selling your property gives you funding to buy a bigger home for your family.
  • Inherited Property: If you’ve inherited a property you’d rather not deal with, we can help you eliminate it.
  • Relocating for Work: Those who need funds to move to another city for work can count on us.
  • Tired Landlords: Unload the burden of property management by selling rental homes to us.
  • Job Loss: Selling a property gives you funds while you’re unemployed.
  • Avoid Foreclosure: Protect your credit score by selling a home undergoing the foreclosure process.
  • Legal Issues: Fund legal fees and other expenses by selling your property.
  • Senior Living Transitions: We can help you access additional resources to make your move to a senior home easier.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy: Selling your home gives you cash on hand to pay for outstanding debts.
  • Need Your Equity in Cash: If you simply need the trapped equity for other investment opportunities, we can help you.

Buying Properties in Any Condition

FasterHouse will purchase your St. Louis property no matter the condition. If your home has any of the following issues, trust that we will still buy it as is.

  • Needs Repairs: Traditional real estate sales will require you to make repairs, but we do not.
  • Renovations Gone Wrong: If any remodeling project results in major issues, you can sell the property to us.
  • Code Violations: Instead of dealing with code violations, you can sell the property and get peace of mind.
  • Trash Filled: No need to deal with garbage disposal — we’ll handle it.
  • Damaged Homes: Whether there’s termite, fire, or water damage, it won’t matter to us.
  • Bad Rental Property Tenants: Landlords can finally rid themselves of unruly tenants by selling the property to FasterHouse.
  • Hoarder Homes: Leave everything inside and move on to a clean, uncluttered home.
  • Fixer-Uppers: We will purchase properties that need extensive renovations.
  • Dirty or in Bad Shape: If you own a property in bad shape, sell it to us to access the trapped equity.
  • Death Estates: Those who inherit properties that they don’t want can sell them to us for cash.
  • Abandoned: Make use of unused properties by selling them instead.
  • Rundown Homes: We will purchase rundown properties so you won’t have to deal with issues anymore.
  • Foundation Cracks: Even if the home has foundation issues, it won’t be a problem for us.
  • Vacant Land and Houses: Vacant properties will have more use to you if you sell them for cash.


Here’s what our past customers have mentioned about our service.

“FasterHouse (Casey & Chelle) was a great fit for my situation in selling my parent’s home. They let me know what was going on throughout the [process] and would always return my calls when a question arose. I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to sell their home.”

– D Chiu

“Wow! I am very happy and impressed [with] how easy it was to sell our house to FasterHouse. We completed the entire transaction within 30 days, [and they] offered a fair price and seamless transaction. They took care of absolutely everything. Great Company and Awesome Team. Thank you.”

– Bill Bub

Why Sell Your House to Cash Buyers

There are plenty of advantages when you sell to a cash buyer like us.

  • Fast and Efficient: You can close the sale in as quick as seven days.
  • No-hassle Transactions: No need for contracts, negotiations, or commissions. You only have to accept the cash offer and choose your closing date.
  • Most Money: While the initial value you’ll receive is typically lower than the selling price, working with a cash buyer is more cost-effective. You won’t have to pay for real estate fees, realtor commissions, and other expenses that diminish your gains.

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