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Hi! My name is Phil.

Hi! My name is Jeremy Vlasich.

Hi! My name is Corey, and I buy houses.

My job is to visit with homeowners, find out more about their property and make them an offer.

Let’s be honest. I know there are a lot of home buyers in the St. Louis metro area.  You may have received mail from them.  Since you are watching this video, you are probably interested in FasterHouse and how we do business.

FasterHouse has been in business since 2002. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and we truly care about how we treat our customers. 

We are not a franchise. All of our employees are local residents.  We are invested in this community.  As a buyer, I have experience helping people in many different situations.  Helping people with tough situations is what I love about my job.  When somebody has a property that needs lots of work, or they inherited it, or they don’t know what to do with it, or they’re upside down and I help them…those types of challenges are what fulfills me.

I have worked with many families that have inherited houses and they are scared about the time and effort it takes to rehab a house. So let’s talk about what will happen if you call me.

I talk to you about the property to find out more information and details regarding the property. I then do my research to find out what the house is worth fixed up.  We can talk about the repairs that are going to be needed to get it ready for the market.  We can talk about what its value might be once all those repairs are done.  We are very transparent with our numbers and no matter what happens, we are going to leave friends.

My offer is basically the value of the house, minus the repairs, minus what we need to make as profit.  Our offer is very straight-forward and there is no pressure with our offer.  We have only ever bought houses from families that want to sell to us.

Our offer is good no matter what, because again, we take on the risk and you don’t have to worry about anything. When I meet with you, I am going to give you my best advice and I am going to do my best to help you.  If we can make a deal work for both of us, that would be fantastic. 

So call us today. 314-200-5122.  

FasterHouse prides itself on having the best buyers in the region working for us. Our buyers work very hard to stay informed about the real estate market and issues related to selling an inherited property, helping seniors move into a new community, selling a home to avoid foreclosure and the many other dilemmas home owners face.

Our buyers are experienced, professional and friendly.  When you contact FasterHouse about selling your home, our buyers will treat your situation with care and confidentiality.  They look forward to helping you find a solution that works for you.

Nothing intimidates our buyers!  Is your house filled with years of belongings?  Does the house need repairs that seem intimidating or overwhelming?  No worries!  Over the years, we have worked with home sellers in many different situations, so we have experience with it all.

You want the sale of your home to be easy. We want to help make that happen!  Call FasterHouse at 314-200-5122 or fill out the form on this website and one of our buyers will call you back to discuss your situation.  We will gladly give you a no pressure, no obligation offer for you to consider. Call FasterHouse now!  We look forward to working with you.

Watch the video above to learn about our buyers before meeting them in person.