Susan was preparing to move out of state. The sale of her home in St. Louis was one big hurdle she had yet to overcome. Dealing with updates and repairs felt overwhelming, given everything else she had to do. She decided to call Phillip Vincent at FasterHouse to see if he would buy her house as-is.

“I’m Susan and I called FasterHouse because Phillip had sent me a card in the mail. I looked you guys up and I was really happy with it. Phillip came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he is. He seems to know what he is doing. So that’s why I went with Phillip, because he is excellent! Right now we are getting ready to close and I am really happy!”

Susan, South St Louis County, MO

Leland and Carol wanted a home that was easier to care for and would allow them to live independently in their retirement. They sold their family home to FasterHouse, and bought a villa that FasterHouse was selling. Let’s hear their story…

“He had already bought our house and I was going out looking and looking and he says, ‘What are you looking for?’ I says, ‘Main floor laundry room and two baths.’ And he says, ‘You know, I might have something that you might like.’ So he sent me over to see Willow Glen. I loved it! Took him…he liked it. Then it began.

He started talking about this villa and it just sounded better and better and better. We had a home with a basement and she needs a place where we have no stairs with the washroom and everything on the main floor. My legs are getting so that it is nice not to have to run up and down.”

And what was it like to work with Bryan Schroeder on the sale of your Florissant home, as well as the purchase of the villa? “Very easy. Good attitude. He was just really nice for me to work with, because I have worked with a lot of different people and he is in the top 10, or top 5!

He was perfect! He wasn’t deceiving in anything, in my opinion. He’s a good guy. He came over the second time and he had shorts on…you know the dress nowadays…kind of junky…but he was just a common guy. He’s a very likable person.

I judged him as a decent person that cares about your problems, you know. He didn’t just come in there and…bam, bam, bam…I have this one to sell…do you want to buy it? He didn’t do that. He is just very decent. We were bombarded with mail, people wanting to buy our house. ‘We want to buy your house!’ ‘We need your house!’ On and on. I wouldn’t be afraid to recommend him to anyone, would you? Oh, no. He is going to be number 1 on the list now! And we’re not getting paid to say this!”

Leland and Carol, St Charles, MO

“I sold my home to FasterHouse. It was a very pleasant experience. The guys were very experienced; they knew what they were doing…

I sold my home to FasterHouse after talking to several real estate agents.  They all wanted me to update my house and put in beige carpet.  I wasn’t willing to do that.  I would have to put in a lot of money, wait several months, have to pay a 7% commission, then the agents wanted to list my house for a ridiculously high price that I wouldn’t get which was another 5%.  Not to mention paying the extra holding cost fees, utilities and so forth.  This was the right thing for me and I am glad I did it.”

Richard, Chesterfield, MO

“I think this was good because we had so much going on with her and all the issues surrounding someone who has Alzheimer’s and someone who is older.  To me this is a good way…she had a place to live but we have so much to do all the time that we can’t take care of our stuff and her stuff.  So it’s a good way to give it to somebody who knows what they are doing with it, can fix it up nicely and then someone else gets to enjoy it.  I mean, that is your job.  It’s like giving it to someone who that is their full- time job.  It’s not my full-time job.  So it was the right thing…the right thing at the right time.”

Judith, Lake St. Louis, MO

“Hi.  We were introduced to FasterHouse and Bryan through a friend of a friend.  We needed to get our house sold quickly.  They came over and took a look at it and made it very painless.  We got everything we needed out of it and they took really good care of us.  I would definitely recommend doing business with them.”

Jeff, Ferguson, MO

Rosie you had also said someone had actually made another offer but you chose me instead. He was too arrogant and we didn’t go with him. He was much too arrogant. So overall you would suggest FasterHouse over someone else….

I chose you because I had 3 people’s names in front of me. I chose you because you have the name of Vincent. That is my son’s name. So I thought that is my lucky name right there. And I liked the way you approached us right away. And you handled it quickly. That’s what I was very impressed with. Rosie you had also said someone had actually made another offer but you chose me instead. He was too arrogant and we didn’t go with him. He was much too arrogant. So overall you would suggest FasterHouse over someone else. Oh my goodness yes, yes.”.”

Rosie, Maryland Heights, MO

“We received an unsolicited letter and I called them and within a couple days we meet and made a deal. So we made it easy. Very easy, very easy, wonderful people to work with.”

Kris, Chesterfield, MO

I am Sharon and I chose FasterHouse because I was referred by a lady at the assisted living facility where my dad is and we needed to have a quick close, to go on and get things taken care of.   This really was a good experience; Phillip was great to work with, he and Patrick.  He did everything he could to help me out and get through this as easily as possible.  It was kind of a stressful thing. It turned out to be a pretty good.”

Sharon St. Louis, MO

Today we are closing and I wanted to ask you why you chose FasterHouse. “Well you responded to our need for someone to come and take a look at the property. You were fair in your dealings and made a reasonable offer under the conditions I thought. We were happy to do this with you guys.”

Mr. Summers Creve Coeur, MO

Hi My name is Tom Kruszka, the reason I used you fellows was actually after I called another person to get a bid, he said well I am really not interested at this time, he asked what you offered for it I told him and he said who, I said FasterHouse and he said take it and run with it.  They are very trustworthy and they will give you as much as it is worth or more.  He said you got the best deal right there.”

Tom Florissant, MO

“Hi I am Ed Sullivan and I chose FasterHouse because they gave me a fair price and made it pretty easy.   That is what I was looking for so I appreciate that.”

Ed St. Louis, MO

“FasterHouse made selling my house really easy, painless and enjoyable.  They liked my house even though it had some issues.  They bought it and made the whole closing process completely painless.”

Valerie St. Charles, MO

“I would highly recommend Bryan Schroeder and FasterHouse, if you want to sell your property quickly, efficiently and get a fair honest price…
“I am very pleased with my relationship with Bryan and FasterHouse.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend doing business with them.  You won’t be disappointed.

Doris St. Peters, MO

“I have been very pleased dealing with Bryan and FasterHouse.  I felt like I was treated with respect and treated fairly with the price for my house.  I would highly recommend FasterHouse for someone with property to sell.”
Carrie Hazelwood, MO

“I worked with Bryan at FasterHouse.  I called FasterHouse because my mom is getting older and I wanted to get her out of a deteriorating neighborhood…
I worked with Bryan to buy my Mom’s house.  I then worked with Bryan and Claire to buy a house in St. Peters for my mom to live in for the rest of her life.  I really appreciate Bryan and Claire’s help.  I encourage you to call FasterHouse for any house needs.

Greg ~ St. Charles, MO

“Hi my name is Mary Ann Vlasich I have known Jim and Bryan with FasterHouse for about 4 years…
I have had the pleasure of working with them in several transactions as a real estate investor.  They have bought some of my properties and I refer potential tenants over to them.  They are trustworthy and ethical.  I highly recommend working with them.

Mary Ann Vlasich ~ Lake St. Louis, MO

“Hi my name is Sandy Ray, I have been a CPA for FasterHouse for over 5 years.  They came to our firm when they needed help with accounting needs…
Their business was growing and they needed help with house costs and a better idea of their inventory and rental houses. As we developed reports and analyzed statements one thing always stuck out in my mind.  FasterHouse is concerned about the homeowner.  They want them to be successful whether it is allowing them to sell their home easily or developing a plan for them to rent for a period of time and then purchase their own home.  I was able to experience first hand the compassion and efficiency of the FasterHouse team.

My grandfather wanted to sell his home that he and my grandma had lived in for over 50 years.  He was moving in with my aunt since he no longer wanted to live by himself.  Our family cleaned out the majority of his home and FasterHouse came in and cleaned out the rest.  We were able to sell his house as is and not worry about fixing it up.   Whenever I hear of a homeowner in a difficult situation, I think of the FasterHouse team.  It is a pleasure working with such innovative and caring people.”

Sandy Ray, CPA

Satisfied home seller in St. Charles, Missouri.  She had tried to sell her house for years without success.  FasterHouse was able to close quick when she wanted to close.

Good Afternoon everyone, my name is Ellen Hackman and I have been trying to sell my home for about the past three years, it has been on and off the market. I had future plans in mind for the April 1st of 2014 and my house did not get sold at that time. So I went with an investor and Bryan has done a wonderful job and I really appreciate his help. Thank you.”

Ellen ~ St. Charles, MO