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Being able to sell your house for cash in St. Louis sounds great, but surely it must be a long and complex process, right? Actually, the process of selling your home for quick cash is much easier than you might realize. Here’s a step-by-step guide to explain just how simple getting cash for your home in St. Louis can be.

First, you will need to locate a reputable area home buyer. Finding the right home seller can be the difference in making this a smooth, stress-free process or an arduous endeavor. Experienced St. Louis area home buying companies know the market, know home values, and can use that knowledge to make you an accurate, fair quote for your home.

After contacting your home buyer, you will need to set up an appointment to show your home to the buyer. During this consultation, the home buyer will learn more about your specific situation and the home itself. Within as little as 24 hours of viewing the home, the buyer will be able to provide a cash quote for your home.

You may be wondering about making repairs to the home. Whether you’re facing issues large or small with the home, your home buyer can purchase your home as-is, meaning the quote you receive is reflective of buying the house in its current condition. This takes the time, stress, and expense out of making repairs.

If you choose to accept the quote the buyer has provided, paperwork will then be drawn up, and a closing date can be set. The home buyer can then manage any other steps between contract signing and closing, given you a painless path to the cash you want for your home.

Now compare those steps to trying to sell your home through other means. Imagine taking the time to select a real estate agent, making repairs, decluttering your home, staging it to be shown, and then waiting for your agent to find a buyer.

Then once a buyer is found, you’ll often find yourself negotiating on a sales price and in some cases other requests they might make regarding the home. Then you must wait for their financing to be approved and for them to complete all the same paperwork that you’ll have to complete. And if anything goes wrong with that process, such as your home buyers financing not being approved, then you must start the entire process all over again.

Working directly to sell your house for cash in St. Louis with experienced home buying companies means you will be able to skip many of the steps you’d otherwise face, and all the headaches that go with them. If getting cash fast for your home is important to you, call FasterHouse today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to begin speaking with an expert St. Louis area home buyer today.

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