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There are many reasons that customers approach FasterHouse looking to sell their homes for cash. One common question that we receive is “How can I sell my inherited house in St. Louis?” We’re able to provide a quick, easy solution to those looking to sell inherited St. Louis area homes so that they can get fair value while focusing on other aspects of their lives.

For some people, inheriting a home can be a great thing. Perhaps they’re inheriting the home they grew up in, and they’d like to raise their own family their one day. Or maybe they have been renting a house, apartment, or condo, and this inheritance gives them the chance to own their home for the first time. In situations like those, this inheritance can be a welcome event.

But in many other circumstances, inheriting a home can be a burden that they do not want to deal with. Perhaps they own their own home that they are happy in already.

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Or maybe they live in another area, so suddenly acquiring a home somewhere else is inconvenient. In those cases, cash buyers can help alleviate stress.

If you have inherited a home and plan on selling it, you might assume that going the route of selecting a real estate agent, or even trying to take a for sale by owner approach is your only option.

But that approach is one that has many steps involved, and which can often take several months to complete. There’s a good chance that if you have recently inherited a home, you may be dealing with other issues related to your loved one’s estate as well. If you are already busy with trying to manage their assets and other financial considerations, and you are trying to find time to adequately grieve your loss, then spending months prepping and selling the inherited home is something you likely do not want to deal with as well.

FasterHouse is your partner in making the process of selling an inherited house in St. Louis an easy one. Our experienced home buyers will make you a fair quote so you can feel good about the sale price of the property. And we’ll make our offer fast – within 24 hours of visiting the property.

We purchase homes as-is, so if there are repairs to be made inside or maintenance work to be done outside, you will not need to worry about them. Think of how much stress can be avoided with an as-is sale!

Do not let the sale of an inherited home become a drawn-out, frustrating process. Contact the home-buying experts at FasterHouse to get fast, fair cash offers for your property. Fill out this form or call 314-926-0660 today to set up a consultation.


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