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Family Avoids Rehab of Ailing Mother’s Home by Selling to FasterHouse

FasterHouse buyer Phillip Vincent shares a story of a recent home purchase where he was able to help the children of an ailing mother sell her home rather than investing time and money making repairs.

These decisions aren’t always easy to make and can sometimes take time.  In this situation, it was six months from the time Phillip first visited the family until they decided that selling the home as-is was the right decision.

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“Hello!  My name is Phillip with FasterHouse.  Today I would like to talk about a house that we just bought in Lake St. Louis.  The family contacted us in October 2013.  They had their mother’s house and she was 91 years old.  She had Alzheimer’s and she had been living in the house by herself with some cats. 

The cats had done quite a bit of damage to the house and they were looking to sell the house quickly and easily.  But the family decided to not sell it to me.  They decided to rehab the house themselves and put it on the market to sell it retail, so they could net the most money for their mother. 

Six months later, I got a phone call from the family.  They said the rehab had never happened.  They were too busy taking care of mom and they never got around to rehabbing the house, and she had asked me if my offer still stood. 

So I said, because of the cat damage, I needed to make sure that nothing else had happened.  So I met her out there the same day and we ended up getting the house bought for the same offer I had made six months before. 

So, in this particular case, we helped a family, but it was six months after our initial visit.  People every day decide if they are going to rehab the house themselves and try to sell it, or do they want to hit the ‘easy’ button and just sell for cash.”

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