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Tools For Seniors

Tools For Seniors

Technology tools aren’t just for the young.   Many of today’s retired adults spent part of their career working with computers, so using technology in their personal life is welcomed, as long as the resources are useful and relatively easy to use.

Technology can help people feel more connected to their loved ones, even when they can’t go out, can assist them with taking care of themselves and their surroundings, and can help keep them safe  in their homes.

Here are a few technology tools that might be worth researching for your loved one:

Big button cell phone – Let’s face it, many of us have problems with the buttons on our phones.  Texting can be very slow and frustrating when the words you want to type don’t look at all like what is coming out on the screen.  Imagine trying to use your phone when your joints ache with arthritis and your sight is limited.  Having a cell phone with bigger buttons can make communication much easier.  Check out the Jitterbug, which has preprogrammed buttons to reach 911, a family member or the operator.  Most retail stores and cell phone companies have options for you to consider.

Robotic floor cleaners – Even if your loved ones have house cleaners that take care of their homes weekly or monthly, everyone can benefit from vacuuming the carpets or washing the floors in between cleanings.  Older adults may not be able to push a vacuum, and getting down on hands and knees to clean up a spill maybe out of the question.  Tools like the iRobot Roomba to vacuum or the Scooba to wash vinyl or tile flooring could be the answer.   They are hands-free tools that operate with the push of a button and do the work without physical effort required.

Medication monitors – According to Andrew Carle, executive-in residence and founding director of the Program in Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, “Medication errors are the No. 1 cause of hospitalizations in people over 75.” These monitors alert users when it is time to take their meds, continue alerting them until the medication is taken, and even alert loved ones if the medication isn’t taken. Many options are available and can be researched on the internet.

GPS insoles – GPS Smartsole is a new product on the market to help caregivers keep track of their loved ones. This insole goes into the shoe, and notifies others if a person leaves a pre-programmed geographical area and helps them to be tracked if lost. This tool is discrete and especially helpful for those with Alzheimer’s.

Cooking resources – Many older adults need to control their diet and like to cook for themselves, but a large number of home accidents happen in the kitchen.   The Safe-T-element Cooking System might be a very helpful solution.  This technology comes in the form of stovetop burner cover plates that keep burners from exceeding a certain temperature and turn off automatically in unsafe situations.

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