Job Transfer Situations

Job Transfer SituationsThe idea of moving because of a career opportunity is an exciting one that opens up many possibilities. It also opens up many challenges and creates quite a lengthy to-do list. You will need to find a new home, pick the perfect school for your children, locate a new job for your spouse, and learn about the area immediately surrounding your new home. With so much to do, it can be wise to sell your old home as quickly as possible. FasterHouse can put its experience buying homes in transfer situations with St Louis residents to work for you, helping you shrink that to-do list by one.

The timeline in which you need to move will depend on why you are moving. If you work for a company that is transferring you to another of its locations, then they will likely have a specific timeframe in which they need you to start in your new area. But if the scenario is simply that you want to move to a new city, state, or even country, then you are likely working within a timeframe you have dictated yourself, which creates less urgency around selling your home.

Where you move will also impact how quickly you need to sell your home. If you are transferring a few hours away, either within the state or just into a neighboring state, then you might be willing to be more patient with selling your home as you could theoretically drive back periodically if the selling process requires it. But if you are moving further away, then the urgency to sell the home heightens.

Keep in mind that selling a home through the traditional process of selecting a real estate agent can be arduous and lengthy even if you are moving a zip code away. Now imagine how much more challenging it would be if you were an area code away!

Let’s face it, if you are moving to another city or state, you will need to spend your time making the preparations mentioned earlier (finding a home, school, spouse’s workplace, etc.) and then also handling tasks like packing for your move. Taking the time to meet with an agent, determine pricing based on neighborhood comparables, declutter the home, stage it for viewings, agree to terms with a buyer, and make any needed repairs is simply not in the cards when you have so much else to take care of in your new home.

That is where FasterHouse comes into the picture to make your life easier. We cut several steps out of the process, saving you time and money (relative to agent fees, repair costs, etc.). First, you’ll contact one of our St Louis area home-buying experts. Our team has vast experience buying homes in your area, and has worked with many people who are selling their homes while they transfer locations professionally.

We will schedule a time to come visit your home, and after walking through it we will contact you with a quote to purchase your home directly from you as-is. That means no repairs to be made, no additional work to be able to show the home, etc.

We close fast thanks to years of building a rapport with the area’s top title companies, and we’ll pay in cash. So before you waste time that could be spent on your big move, contact FasterHouse today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to get started on a more painless sales process.

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