Before You Undertake A Home Remodeling Project…

Considering undertaking a remodel before selling your home? FasterHouse gets calls every day from panicked or discouraged home owners who get in over their heads with a remodel and are looking for a way out. Before jumping into a big remodeling project, take careful consideration of the points in this helpful article.  Click on the picture below to read the article posted on our Facebook page.


Another option is to call an as-is home seller like FasterHouse who will buy your house as it stands without any inspections, appraisals or contingencies. In the long run, you can save thousands by selling a home as-is rather than investing in doing a remodel, not to mention the time and aggravation savings. If you would like an as-is offer to consider, call FasterHouse at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form. No obligation…no pressure…just an offer to consider.