Valuables Often Left Behind In Purchased Homes

Dan: We are here with Fasterhouse based in Saint Louis, Missouri. They are a real estate company that buys houses quick for people who are looking to sell a house quickly. They also help people rent, own homes and they rent homes. Today, we’re going to talk about some interesting stories with one of the owners of Fasterhouse, Bryan Schroeder. Some of the interesting stories of things that he’s found in houses that they’ve bought.
Bryan, my question to you is, have you found valuable items in the houses that you all have bought from people?

Bryan: Yeah, we found some good stuff. No doubt about that. I keep hoping for the big score someday and we haven’t had the real big score but we do regularly find stuff that we are able to put a little cash in our pocket or it’s a cool story. I can share just a couple things that have happened.
Just a week or two ago, one of the guys that we hire to clean out our houses was cleaning out the house. This was a house that had just a bunch of trash still in it. He was cleaning it out, taking out old carpets and things like that. He said he picked up a trash can out of one of the upstairs bedroom closets and for whatever reason, it just caught his eye that there was a zip lock bag that had a bunch of cash in it.
It actually had $500 cash in a zip lock bag in a trash can in a closet in an upstairs bedroom. Who knows why?

Dan: No kidding, It’s pretty cool that the guy told you about it. Some people might have just pocketed that money, but he was pretty honest for telling you about it.

Bryan: Yeah, absolutely. I was happy about that. He was a nice guy. I split it with him.

Dan: You split it with him. Perfect, perfect. Have you found any collectibles like baseball cards, coins, or other types of collectibles?

Bryan: Yeah, we actually get the baseball card thing quite a bit. The best one was, I guess this was a couple of years ago, we bought a house and this house was actually an interesting story. The person that we bought the house from was a professor at one of the local university, Washington University here in Saint Louis area.
It was on a nice upscale community and everything and he had several different collections. One of his collections was a baseball card collection and he had a huge collection of baseball cards but a sad story to say the least.


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