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What Happens To Valuables Found In St. Louis Homes

    What Happens To Valuables Found In St. Louis Homes

    Dan: Obviously, in that case, it seems like the family hadn’t gone in to get their stuff. What cases is it there is a situation where the stuff in the house you get to keep versus the stuff in the house you have to call the people. Do you ever get a situation where you have to call the people you bought it from? Or anything like that? Or after you buy it, are you just entitled to whatever’s in the home?

    Bryan: Usually, when I go over there to talk to them about buying the house, I just ask them about those type of things. It seems like when you get people that are none of the relatives are in town, which happens quite a bit with me these days. Families just spread out all over the country.
    Sometimes, they don’t want to deal with going through all their belongings. What I usually tell them is an offer with the belongings if they want or they can go through and take anything they want. Just leave the rest and I’ll go through whatever’s left. Either if it’s trash, just get rid of it. If it’s something I can donate to goodwill or something like that, we do that sometimes.

    If there’s anything that’s valuable, we have I guess you would call it, an auctioneer guy. He comes in and he grabs anything that he thinks that he can sell in one of his auctions and then takes it to the auction. Then we split the profits on it. We do all that.

    The other thing that we found that we do pretty good with is it seems like most everybody leaves their washers and dryers and their refrigerators. When we update, fix a house up nice, we never want to leave that stuff in there. We put in nice new appliances and stuff so we usually sell the washers and the dryers and the refrigerators and the ovens. Even the used cabinets. It’s amazing that somebody would buy, but we sell used cabinets all the time so we usually do pretty good on just selling some of that used stuff.

    Dan:  Have you ever found any … I’m kind of a comic book geek. Have you ever found any comic books or toys or things like that?

    Bryan: Yeah, we find that quite a bit actually. I wish I knew more, someday I’m going to have to get better at knowing what’s something’s worth, what’s valuable and what’s not. We’ve seen a lot of magazine collections from comic books to National Geographic to even the Playboy collections. We get all of those and a lot of the toy collections too.
    One of the ones that we found a few years back is somebody had collected a bunch of Star Wars memorabilia from when they were a kid. They’d never opened it. They kept it in its original container and stuff. That one was good and we sold that to our auctioneer guy. He sold it. He did pretty well with that one. We get a lot of that.

    Dan:  Wow. That’s cool. I appreciate you telling us these stories. Again, if you’re looking to sell a house or have more questions about how to sell a house fast in Saint Louis area. Or, If you need to get a fair price for a home that you just need to get rid of and don’t have the time or where with all to work with a real estate agent for months on end or how long it takes to sell it, give Fasterhouse a call. You can check them out at You can find their number on their website. Thank you very much Bryan and we’ll talk to you again.

    Bryan:  Alright. Thanks, Dan.


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