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We Buy Homes Any Condition – Even Foundation Issues

We Buy Homes Any Condition

We Buy Homes Any Condition – Even Foundation Issues

Nathan shares a story about a property owner who was struggling with an unwanted property and was looking for the right buyer.  Find out how FasterHouse was able to help.

“Hi!  My name is Nathan Marlo.  I work with FasterHouse.  I want to take a little bit of time to share a story about a property purchased last week.  I had a home seller who owned a property for about 25-30 years, raised his family in the property…it was a pretty nice house, nice subdivision, nice part of town.  Over the years, he hadn’t had the opportunity to update the property and the big issue was the home had some foundation issues with it.  Unfortunately, this gentleman over the years had spent about $45,000 – $50,000 to correct the foundation issues, but he was still having problems with the property. 

So, long story short, life goes on, he moves out of town and he was unable to sell the property previously so he allowed his children to rent the property back from him for a while.  Eventually, they are ready to move on, so he had a vacant property that he needed to sell.  So he called a few different people to give him offers on the property.  Talked to some real estate agents and unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get the kind of numbers he was looking for on the property.  So he kept on digging and got a hold of me and I set an appointment to take a look at the property.  I was a little nervous about the property, because there were some issues with it, but at the same time, we buy houses…day-in, day-out, that is what we do…and we try to make it easy. 

So, after talking with him for a while, we were able to come up with a good price that he was happy with and that I was happy with.  We were able to get the property closed in under 10 days, so that made life a lot easier for him.  He didn’t have to pay any commissions, didn’t have to go through any inspections or anything like that.  I was able to buy the property and make the seller very happy.  I was able to pay thousands of dollars over the competitors, the other guys that had come over and given offers, so it was definitely a win-win scenario. 

So if you have a property that you are kind of stuck with and you’re not really sure which way to go, I encourage you to give FasterHouse a try.  I can almost assure you that you will be very pleased with the experience you have working with us.”


If you have a house to sell, no matter the condition, please call us at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form