Before putting your home on the market, you owe it to yourself to contact FasterHouse. We buy homes in St. Peters for cash, and we do so with a much simpler process than you might be expecting when selling a home.

Getting cash for your home is a huge advantage when selling a property. It will help speed up the timeline for selling, as it completely cuts out the need to wait for home loan paperwork to be completed and the loan itself to be approved. Most individuals will need to secure a home loan when making a purchase, but because we buy homes in St. Peters and other local areas frequently, we have the resources to pay in cash, eliminating the time needed to wait for financing to complete.

Additionally, many people selling a home love the liquidity that cash sales provide. We work with individuals in a variety of situations, many of which requiring some additional urgency to the home sale. For example, people who are selling their home because of foreclosure of job loss appreciate getting cash for their home. Similarly, people who are selling because they are moving to an assisted living facility or because they have been renting the home also prefer cash sales.

Another way in which we make selling your home simple is by purchasing your St. Peters home as-is. In most cases, when you sell your home you will need to have it inspected by an official third-party inspector. During that inspection process, it is not uncommon for necessary repairs to be identified. In some cases you may be able to make these repairs yourself, and in other cases you may need to pay professionals to make them for you. In either instance you’re looking at an investment of time, money, or both, and no one wants to spend more money than they have to while they are trying to MAKE money selling a home.

You may also find that minor repairs and aesthetic improvements need to be made even before the inspection. It is critical that your home look great in photos as most people are going to rely heavily on what they see online when choosing whether to set an appointment to see your home in person. That will not only require the aforementioned improvements, but also sorting through items in your home and either getting rid of some of it or storing it so that your home will look its most appealing.

But our as-is approach to buying will save you of that effort. We don’t require you to make any home improvements or repairs to your property prior to our purchase of it. We will assume the property in its current condition, saving you significant effort and expense.

If you would like to learn more, contact us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to schedule an appointment. We can identify time for one of our knowledgeable home-buying experts to visit your property, explain our process, and put together an offer to buy your home for cash. Call or email today!

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