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Suzanne – “C tell us a little bit about why you chose Fasterhouse?”

“Well I had worked with Fasterhouse previously, I bought a little house up in North County and they had it for sale and it was just a delight, it was just big, bang, boom and I had a house and they were so nice to work with. We closed with Old Republic and then after my husband passed away I received a letter from Fasterhouse, Corey, and just offered if I would like to have them come look at the house and give me a price, what they would like to offer. It was so very fair and generous, and it is a great savings to me and after going through everything I went through it was just so perfect for me. I didn’t have any details that I had to work out or anything they just took it and ran with it so here we are closing day.”

Suzanne – “What was the best part about the process?”

“Corey, he was just what would you say Kim? He was very approachable.”

He was very commentary about my mom’s house, how clean it was, how beautiful it was, he made it seem like he wasn’t just buying some flipper house which you know I think meant a lot to my mom.”

“Yeah I had been there 30 years.”

Suzanne – “And did you find a new place to live?”

“Yes out here in St Charles, a villa.


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