Are you a first-time home seller in Affton unsure of what options are available to sell their home? Or have you sold a home through a real estate agent in the past and would like a simpler, faster way to sell? In either case, you can find the solutions you need with FasterHouse. We buy houses in Affton from sellers in a variety of situations.

No matter what your reason for selling your Affton home is, we can provide a quick way to get a cash payment for your property. Here are examples of some of the situations we help home sellers in:

-Relocation – Moving across the state or across the country, 

whether for anew job, school, or some other reason, is very exciting, but it does create the dilemma of what 
to do with your home. We will pay fast cash for your house, helping fund your move and allowing you to speed up the pace at which you relocate.

-Divorce – Divorce has many negative repercussions, and one of those is the need to determine who should get the home, or how it should be sold. If you and your former spouse decide to sell the home and split the proceeds, we can deliver the type of fast sale that will help you move along with this difficult circumstance.

-Downsizing – As you progress through life, you may find that your home is more home than you need. Perhaps your children have moved out – if so, do you really need a home with several bedrooms? If downsizing is in your future, we can buy your Affton home so that you can focus on a residence that better aligns with your needs.

-Moving to a Senior Living Facility – Senior citizens, or their families, often turn to senior living facilities to help ease the challenges that come with an individual’s golden years. We have purchased homes from many people who were moving to senior facilities, giving them the cash they need to help pay for the transition, or simply helping to rid them of the ongoing expense of a home they will not use.

-Loss of Job – Job loss can be especially troubling when a person finds that they cannot get another job that pays as well as the one they lost. When this unfortunate circumstance unfolds, it may be necessary to sell one’s home and invest in one that is more affordable. In these instance, we can provide a quick cash purchase to help.

-Foreclosure – If you are no longer able to make the payments on your home, selling it to FasterHouse can provide you with quick access to cash to help you repair your finances.

-Inheritance – Have you inherited a home that you do not want or do not need? If so, selling the home as-is to FasterHouse can save you from months of upkeep and expense while you work on finding an individual to buy your home.

-Change in Family Status – Perhaps you have gotten married or had a child and need a larger home to accommodate your growing family. If you have a home you need to sell in order to acquire the cash to help you buy a larger residence, we can help.

And these are just a few of the reasons why we buy homes in Affton from areas residents. There are many other reasons, including sellers who simply want the fastest, most convenient way to sell their home. For some people, selling their Affton home through a realtor is not the best option.

Selling a home through a real estate agent might be easy if you are selling a home in a popular area of town with the best schools and significant buyer demand, but not every area fits that description. You may be looking at several months, or even up to a year, between the time in which you first begin talking to potential realtors to see which one you’d prefer to work with to the point at which your buyer has finalized the closing process and receive the keys to your former home.

If you would prefer a tighter turnaround, or your financial situation simply dictates that you have a faster sale, we can help. We will put our experience buying homes in Affton to work to help you. We will look at your home, and then apply our knowledge of the area, including what other Affton homes are selling for and how quickly they are moving. This will then allow us to make the best possible offer to you.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you quickly sell your home for cash, give us a call today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form for a free no-obligation consultation.

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