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Are you considering selling a home in Florissant? Doing so is an important decision, but one with a number of factors you will need to weigh before deciding the best course of action to sell your home.

One factor you will need to think through is how much money you are willing to invest to sell your home. Many people who have never previously sold their home do not realize that they may need to spend a significant amount of money from their own pocket in order to move the sale forward. But there are actually a number of costs related to selling a home. For instance, if you are selling with a realtor or by owner, you will likely need to spend money on repairs around the house as well as upgrades like paint and landscaping materials. Ensuring your house has curb appeal and is staged well is critical to helping sell the home fast. You’ll also need to pay for realtor fees, and you may be asked by the buyer to cover things like closing costs and inspections. All told, this may range from a few hundred dollars in expenses to several thousand.

Another consideration is why you are looking to sell your home. At FasterHouse, we buy homes in Florissant from homeowners facing a variety of unique circumstances, including but not limited to moving to a senior living facility, job loss, relocating to a different city of state, inherited homes, divorce, and short sale homes. Depending on which of these (or any of many other possible) circumstances you are facing, you may need to sell your home more or less quickly. Do you have time to sell through a realtor, a process which may take several months?

Another key question to ask is how much time you have to sell the home. Getting a home ready to sell is a time-consuming process. You will need to speak to a few realtors to find the one you feel is the best fit for you. Then you will need to work to stage your home. This includes everything from painting to working on the lawn to cleaning to decluttering. And all that is before you even get to the sales process, in which you will need to meet multiple times with your realtor in order to discuss how showings, open houses, and negotiations are going.

An alternative exists that can speed up the sales process, giving you fast cash for your home while allowing you to avoid spending any extra money and any extra work. We buy homes in Florissant as-is, meaning that you don’t have to make repairs, stage the home, or wait for an interested buyer to come along. We will pay you cash for your Florissant house in the condition it is currently in, greatly streamlining your selling process.

If you would like to sell your Florissant home fast and without spending more money or time in the sales process, then you should contact FasterHouse today. Our home-buying experts know the Florissant area and are ready to make our best offer for your home because we buy houses Florissant MO. Call us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to get started!

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