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We Buy Houses St Louis | As-Is, For Cash – FasterHouse

We Buy Houses in Mid St Louis County

    For years, home sellers in Mid St. Louis County have contacted FasterHouse when it comes time to sell their house, townhome, or villa. We buy houses in Mid St. Louis County in a manner that will deliver you cash for your home at a rate much faster than a traditional sale. How do we do it?

    One way in which we make the home selling process easy is by paying cash for your home. Selling to someone who is being financed for a home may be the most common method, but it is also one that can be fraught with anxiety. You see, even if you are working with a buyer who says that they are pre-qualified for a loan, their financing can fall through at any step during the sales process. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the repercussions of it are clear:

    -you lose out on a potential buyer

    -you missed out on time in which you could have tried to find a different buyer

    -the timeline for selling your home gets extended by a few more months

    If losing your buyer at the last-minute sounds like something you would like to avoid, then you will appreciate selling your Mid St. Louis County home to FasterHouse. Because we pay cash for homes, you will not need to worry about a financing deal falling through. In doing so, we remove a significant amount of anxiety from the home selling process.

    Another way that we improve the home selling process for Mid County homeowners just like you is by purchasing homes as-is. One of the most frustrating things about selling a house is getting it ready. Staging a house to make it look its best can be difficult and time-consuming, but that’s only one aspect of getting it ready.

    Truly getting a home ready for sale means identifying repairs that need to be made and performing any improvements to cosmetic aspects of the home. You may be able to do this yourself or you may need help from a contractor (particularly if the repairs relate to a particularly complicated area to fix, such as electrical repairs). No matter which direction you head down to repair the home, you will definitely be looking at a costly and time-consuming process.

    If spending countless hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs and improvements is not desirable for you, or simply is not realistic because of other obligations, then an as-is sale will provide a welcome relief. We will visit your home to evaluate it, then we will provide our best offer to purchase the home. Paint, landscaping, foundation cracks, flooding – you name an issue large or small and we’ll take care of it once we take ownership.

    Another reason so many homeowners turn to us to buy Mid St. Louis County homes is that we know the area well. If you are going to make a fair offer for a home, you need to know about how other area homes are selling. Are they on the market long? Are they selling at, above, or below the price the owners are asking for? These are the types of questions you will need answers to in order to make an informed decision. They are also the type of factors that allow us to apply our local market knowledge so that we can make you the best possible offer right away, thereby saving you the work and stress of negotiating over prices.

    Selling a home is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Contact FasterHouse today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to learn more about how we deliver a faster, less stressful home buying service in Mid St. Louis County.