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We Buy Houses St Louis | As-Is, For Cash – FasterHouse

We Buy Houses in South St Louis County

    At FasterHouse, we buy houses in South St. Louis County from sellers facing a variety of different situations. Are you facing any of the following situations?

    Relocation: If you are relocating from work and moving elsewhere in your state or out of state altogether, you will need to sell your current home quickly. That may well mean that you do not have time to find a realtor, get your house listed, and wait for the right seller to come along.

    In this case, selling your South St. Louis County home to FasterHouse makes sense because we buy houses quickly and we pay cash. We can take your house off your hands so that you can focus on starting over in your new location.

    Inherited Home: Have you inherited a home but already have one? Or have you inherited a home in a place you do not live? In either case, selling the home may be your best option. And selling it quickly will be a top priority, because you do not want to have to pay for homeowners’ insurance or utilities any longer than you have to for a home you do not even reside in. Plus you will not want to have to pay for repairs or upgrades on the residence.

    Divorce: Unfortunately, divorce can have many negative repercussions, and that may even include the need to sell one’s home. If two parties cannot agree on who should get the home, they may decide that a sale is best. Or perhaps neither party wants the home, so they decide to sell it and split the proceeds from the sale.

    If you are going through a divorce, you are likely juggling a lot of difficult issues. There are financial concerns, meetings with attorneys, custody issues, and other factors to deal with. You not want to add a complex sale of a home to that list. Additionally, you will likely want your divorce to be wrapped up as quickly as possible, so drawing the process out with a home sale through a realtor will be unappealing. We buy homes in South St. Louis County in these circumstances quite frequently.

    Foreclosure: If you are no longer able to make your house payments and foreclosure is looming, then a quick sale through a home buyer like FasterHouse can provide the financial relief you need.

    Loss of Job: Losing a job can be devastating as it relates to being able to afford your home. You may find yourself out of work for a long period of time, and with no source of income you will not be able to make your payments. Another very realistic possibility is that you have to take a job which pays less than your prior position, leaving you less able to pay for your home.

    If you find yourself facing one of these scenarios, you can sell your home and move into something more affordable. By providing fast cash in all of our home purchases, we can help you get out of your old unaffordable home and into one that better suits your new budget.

    We buy houses in South St. Louis County from people facing these exact scenarios, as well as many more situations, including people who want to sell rental homes, people upgrading from villas and townhomes, and those moving into senior living facilities. If you find yourself in one of these situations, contact us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to learn how we have helped so many others just like you!