When you think of selling a house, do the following descriptions come to mind?







Most people would answer that yes, they would describe the home selling process as meeting one of more of those descriptions. But what if there was a way to sell your West St. Louis County home that removed the stress, the time, the expense, and the complications from the process? If that sounds appealing to you, then contact FasterHouse today -we buy houses in West St. Louis County from homeowners just like you.

We’ve been serving the west county area for many years now. That has provided us with a unique understanding of the area, from Ballwin to Chesterfield and all points in between. By knowing the area well, we are equipped to make the best possible offer for your home, which reduces the need to haggle and negotiate over a sale price. You see, we monitor which homes in your area are selling, for how much, and how fast they sell. We can then stack that information up to provide you with a fair and reasonable offer.

Another reason so many residents trust us to buy their West St. Louis County houses is that we offer a significantly faster time to sale than selling to a realtor. Consider this: when selling to a realtor, you will have to go through the following steps:

-select a realtor

-learn about the market value of homes in your area

-identify what you need to do to get the home ready for sale

-make the necessary cosmetic improvements

-make any necessary repairs

-stage the home

-wait for a buyer to make an offer on your home

-negotiate an offer with your realtor and the buyer

-wait for closing to occur

That’s an awful lot of steps, and even in a best-case scenario, you are looking at a couple of months to elapse before the process is complete. More likely though is that you’ll need several months, or perhaps even up to a year to sell your home.

We buy houses in West St. Louis County in a much faster and easier way. One key difference is that we purchase homes on an as-is basis. This means you won’t need to make any cosmetic improvements, nor will you need to make any repairs. And you won’t need to stage it either. This streamlined process will shave months off your selling timeline.

West St. Louis County home sellers also love working with FasterHouse because we not only make the home buying process easier and faster, but we pay in cash! One of the other significant challenges with selling your home to an individual through a realtor is financing. You may find that you have an interested buyer but the buyer cannot secure financing before making an offer. Or perhaps you have a buyer whose financing falls through partway during the process. Then you have not only lost months waiting for the process to conclude, you also missed on out on a chance for potential buyers to have seen the home. By paying in cash, we solve any possible concerns you might have about financing.

We offer a faster, simpler alternative to traditional methods of selling your West County home. If you are thinking of selling, call today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to learn more about the FasterHouse difference.

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