We Buy Houses With Mold South St Louis City

Bryan – “Hey guys, Bryan Schroeder with Fasterhouse here. I want to tell you a real life story of a house we bought recently. The house was down in, kind of like, the Holly Hills area of South St. Louis City, there was a couple that owned the house for a long time. The mother passed away about a year ago. Their dad had just passed away recently, like in the last month.

There were 4 siblings that essentially inherited the house, and it was actually the house they grew up in, and the parents actually did a pretty good job of keeping the house updated pretty well. But over the last year there had been some moisture in the basement and some mold had started to grow in the basement. It wasn’t anything really serious, but it was enough that when they called the listing agent to come out and list the house for them, the agent wanted them to take care of the mold, which is understandable, and they really just didn’t want to. So they called our company and Darren in our office went out and looked at the house and he was excited about it, thought it was a good fit for us, and made them an offer.

Since there were 4 siblings splitting the profit on the house it really wasn’t much different from what each of the siblings was going to get in their pocket after everything, because it was just a super easy deal and we were able to buy the house and take care of the mold issues ourselves. The seller decided to sell it to us because it was just quick and easy, and they didn’t have to deal with any of the issues with the house, and by the time they split the profits 4 different ways it really wasn’t that much of a difference what each person was getting in their pocket. So this was a house we just did recently and I thought I’d share with you.”
– Bryan Schroeder

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