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We Buy Houses Review in Mapelwood

    We buy houses review in Maplewood for FasterHouse

    Maplewood homeowner explains why she decided to use FassterHouse to sell their house as-is. Sometimes going the traditional house selling route isn’t the best solution for your situation and that is why home sellers turn to FasterHouse to buy their homes faster and easier. Here is another 5 Star review for FasterHouse.


    Lucas: Alright, so tell me a little bit about the house you just sold.

    Jessi: It is small, it is over 100 years old, we love the neighborhood it’s in. It’s close to shops. We walk to the coffee shop, we walk to the park.

    Lucas: Close to downtown Maplewood?

    Jessi: Yes!

    Lucas: Tell me about the process when deciding what to do when you knew you wanted to sell the house.

    Jessi: We met Jake, and he hounded us through his wife, Rachel. We hesitated finding the realtor and starting the process because we knew it would be a big headache. After Jake saw the house he said he might know and investor that might be interested. And so, Bryan came and looked at the house and gave us a quote that same evening. We were really excited that it was basically what we were hoping what we had wanted to get out of the house with maybe just a little bit less. Without any of the headache of having people come into to our house and having to fix things up. We love it… I feel like we almost we got away with something!”

    Lucas: Did you talk to any other investors?

    Jessi: We did not. We were very happy with the quote that we got and with Bryan’s professionalism, and we did not look any further then.”

    Lucas: How long was your house under contract? How long did the process take?

    Aaron: It might have been 60 days.

    Lucas: Perfect. How was True Title for you guys?

    Jessi: Great!

    Lucas: Last question, if you knew others that were in a similar situation that they didn’t want any realtors or anyone going through their house and they asked what they should do, would you recommend us?

    Jessi: Yes, in fact I told one of my friends about you guys.

    Lucas: Sweet!

    Jessi: I said, “here’s Bryan’s information and here’s Jake’s information. They were both awesome!”

    Lucas: Alright, thanks guys!

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