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We Buy Houses Reviews in St Peters

    We Buy Houses Reviews in St Peters

    Heather – “Alright so tell me a little bit about how you came to Fasterhouse and how you came to know Jeremy? What brought you there in the first place?”

    Vicki – “We had gone to an estate sale that Curtis was having for his aunt’s house, Curtis was the REALTOR and was handling his aunt’s house. I talked to him about starting to look for a villa for ourselves. A couple days or weeks later we ended up meeting with Curtis and Chris who were, the REALTORS that we’re working with, and told them what we were wanting to do as far as not to put any money into the house, and maybe just trying to see what we could do as far as just selling it as is so we can move forward with the next purchase.”

    Maurice – “My decision was that that house emotionally was finished. We had raised our kids there, we had no longer had any interest or investment in the neighborhood. Instead of starting to fix the house up we just set the money aside and miraculously a guy named Jeremy came by and said I’ll take that property and use it in my business and do something with it, and give you a reasonable price. There was no negotiation, this man came in sat down and wrote a contract contingent upon what we had to do and that just does not happen, at least in the circles that we travel in we hadn’t heard that.

    It wasn’t as though we didn’t have the money to invest in another home it, it was just that this house had served its purpose but I don’t want to do all the stuff that a professional company could do very quickly, and then make that house available. We knew in the neighborhood it was probably a good investment for him because you could walk from the back yard and go to the daycare which we did when our kids were little and that’s the access out on Mid Rivers is kind of light. So I knew had to him and he would have no trouble turning it and selling it so I felt good about that, It wasn’t as if we were going to take the money and run.

    But just the process of calling him, he always called back, he called if he had something he needed to talk about, and it was easy is very easy. Easy in the sense that it was productive, there was no haggle there was no negotiation there wasn’t any gee you told me this and I told you that. Verbally we had kind of agreed on the parameters of what we’re going to do and it’s been exactly like that, smooth and easy.”

    Heather – “Fantastic, and you are moving to a villa now right? Tell me a little bit about that experience.”

    Vicki – “Well again with Chris and Curtis we were able to locate a villa that’s right in the area that we were wanting, you know the amount of storage and bedrooms that we needed, kind of like our dream house. With their help and with Jeremy’s help we were able to close today, not only on our house but the other house, and everything has just gone so smoothly and it’s been so unreal. We knew that we had to sell our house in order for us to close on the villa, and of course with Jeremy’s help we were able to do that. So here it is it seems like its been, I know, less than 6 weeks and everything’s moving right along.”

    Maurice – “Our REALTOR today mentioned that you’re now in a quarter million dollar house and we hadn’t looked at it like that. The point I’m making is that we we’re not living on the margins we had set aside an adequate amount of money.  There was no haggle with Jeremy, it was a reasonable offer, and that’s the whole thing. We could have handled it another way, we could fixed it up and sold it. But there comes a point in life where we were ready to move on, and Jeremy if this is value to you, I think it will be, then that’s the merging of his interest and our interest, and how fast he handled it was just smoothless, just smooth and seamless.

    We weren’t expecting that, we figured after this there would be a roadblock there; it did not operate that way. It was just one, two, three, four, five in such a quick, in a matter of weeks, we had moved to where we had wanted to be and of course we had the finances to do that. But you know to move an older house and do the updates and all that you never know how it’s going to turn out, or if the person you’re dealing with is credible. Does anybody know him, does he have any references, and the references came from the Realtors and he was as advertised. That’s why we can give this testimonial. So, it’s just been pleasant and if things can be pleasant this is pleasant.”

    Heather – “Fantastic, and you’re leaving with the check in hand, obviously.”

    Vicki – “We’re leaving with the check in hand. We bought new furniture, so now we can pay for the new furniture.”

    Maurice – “One more point that I want to make is 32 years of stuff is surprisingly more difficult to get out and get into the new place, and to purge, and it happened so quickly we didn’t have six months to start getting the stuff in storage. We had 2 storage rooms and we’re still building up the second, and he gave us a few days of leeway to move it out. But he said something that surprised me by saying you have a lot of stuff that won’t fit in your trash container, it would take more than just a couple weeks to do that and he said leave what you don’t want her.

    In turn that we left some stones for stone work, we left some cedar boards, if you don’t want to do anything with them, and we had left some other things that we bought for the shower and insulation and if they can use that they will, and if not it’s no loss to us. To have that window of time, and agreed on, and to say that you don’t have to haul this someplace and pay for getting rid of it that’s extremely important when you’re in a hurry, and we’re in a hurry.

    Just leave it and they’ll dispose of it as though they were tearing off the roof, they will take care of it. It just surprised me since just that little worry I had about how we are going to get all this over there, not a trash can at a time. We’re talking about tools and some things that I no longer use, and some other things whatever. That just made it easier than I ever thought it could be, see I can highly recommend you and Jeremy and his company and the ability to work for some with someone else. It was not a bunch of entities on the phone, it was seamless and that’s why we can recommend.”

    If you would like to have an experience like Maurice and Vicki please call us at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form