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We Buy Houses Reviews in St Louis and St Charles

    We Buy Houses Reviews in St Louis and St Charles

    Bill – “From the day that you and I called, and finally got in touch with one another after a week of playing back and forth phone tag. We set up an appointment for the next day, Jeremy met me at the unit and we walked through it, he walked through the second time and took some pictures. Wanted to know again how much I wanted for the property and I told him so he got on his cell phone and figured it out and gave me a price that was within what I considered a reasonable amount of what I asked for. It’s just been smooth sailing ever since, except for that one hiccup, and I don’t know that that could be blamed on anybody other than the seller to us.”

    Rachel – “Can you explain that issue a little bit?”

    Bill – “Well as I understand it from you and Jeremy she didn’t sign the title over as trustee, she left the word trustee off; of course that makes it nothing. so yeah, did you ever find her to get it cleared.

    Rachel – “No I think we just talked with the other title company which originally closed you and that’s how we got it figured out. We tried to find her and it just, we tried lots of different ways but came up empty.”

    Bill – “Well, she is part of the family that owns power company she’s part of that that family, and I was trying to find her because when we bought it one of the conditions of buying it was that she put in a new garage door. Because her grandmother had lived there, not the woman who sold it to us, she was acting on behalf of her grandmother. She was 90+ and tried to get out of the garage without opening the door, it’s difficult.”

    Rachel – “That is difficult to do, I would agree.”

    Bill – “So anyway, in trying to find the seller I did establish where she worked and who she was who she was. I did that through neighbors who knew who she was because of her grandmother living there all these years. But it didn’t do any good because she wasn’t there, or at least claimed not to be, when we were looking for her.”

    Rachel – “She was a hard lady to find, we still couldn’t find her”

    Bill – “Well you know that 17 years ago so she was definitely younger than us, but that doesn’t mean she’s still alive either, a lot of things could happen as far as we know. But as far as the flow of selling and the paperwork otherwise it’s been smooth sailing.”

    Rachel – “And you got your check so that’s exciting.”

    Bill – “And we got out check, I didn’t expect that, so much has been going on lately that we each have an annuity and we changed the payout on it at the same time we started this, so it’s been a little confusing. But we’re well pleased with Fasterhouse. You know the worst part about this is you find somebody that’s easy to deal with, but it’s a onetime deal. Where we are we pay monthly rent, there’s no contract, we didn’t have to pay anything in advance other than the prorate the month that we had to move it in, so you know everything’s cool.”


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