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We Buy Houses South St. Louis City

    Are you interested in selling your South St. Louis City home, but are unsure of how to start the process, or of what approach is the best fit for your needs? One important thing to know is that there are alternatives available to the traditional method of selling your home through a realtor, and these alternatives might wind up being a better option if you are looking to make fast cash from your home. At FasterHouse, we buy houses in South St. Louis City in a refreshingly easy way.

    One of the main complaints that we hear from people who have sold homes in the past, or who have talked to real estate agents about selling homes with them, is how long and difficult the process can be. From the beginning stages of interviewing different realtors to find the best fit to help you sell your property to clearing the home of clutter and straightening it up so it can be shown, there is much work to be done in selling a home.

    As you advance through the process, you will encounter other obstacles as well. As inspectors review your home, they may require that you make repairs you didn’t know needed to be made. Once a buyer has made an offer on your home, the home will need to be appraised at the sale price in order for the loan to be funded. And your buyer will need to secure financing.

    You will also likely encounter negotiations along the way, ranging from sale price to additional improvements the buyer may want made to who pays for closing costs.

    But when we buy houses in South St. Louis City, we remove many of these stressful elements from the sales process. FasterHouse buys houses as-is. This means that if there is damage to the home, whether minor or severe, you don’t need to repair it.

    If a room needs to be painted, you don’t need to buy a single can of paint. We will purchase the home in its current state without requiring any additional work or investment on your part.

    If that sounds great, you will also love this – we work fast. You can contact us by phone or by filling out our simple online form, and we will make an appointment to visit your home so that we can make an offer.

    When it comes to making an offer, our first offer is our best and only offer, so you will not need to worry about negotiating with us. We have been buying houses in neighborhoods in South St. Louis City for years, so we know the local area inside and out. This means that we can use our knowledge of what other local homes have sold for, how long homes near you are taking to sell, and what overall housing demand looks in South St. Louis City. This experience equips us to make the right offer for your property.

    If our no-stress approach to buying your home sounds like a nice change of pace from selling through a real estate agent, then why wait – call us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to get started selling your South St. Louis City home!