We Buy Houses in Warrenton MO video

Bryan – “Hey guys, Bryan Schroeder here with Fasterhouse. I’m here with Corey Boyles; he is one of our acquisition guys. He goes out and meets sellers at their houses, and we have a real life story of a house that he bought today and I just wanted to share it with you real quick. So Corey you had a lady call you today, I think she was out in Warrenton, Missouri.”

Corey – “Yes, her house is in Warrenton, and she was divorced a couple years ago, her house needed a lot of work, and she wanted to move and be closer to her family, and they all live in Kansas City. So She wanted to sell quickly, she wanted to sell as is, she didn’t want to do any work to it, she knew that if she was to list it with a realtor there was going to be some things that she had to do, and really she didn’t have the time or the effort to put in to it. So I came out there, I actually met her the same day, and I made her a great offer, she loved it, and we wrote it up, and well be closing in 2 weeks.”

Bryan – “I love talking about these real life stories, because you can understand if you’re watching this video and you’re wondering am I in this situation, or am I looking for a situation like this. So this lady, she wanted to sell quick, she was divorced recently, and you were able to help her, and just make it quick and easy.”

Corey – “It was super easy, it took me about 15-20 minutes. I talked with her and I gave her a very fair price.”

Bryan – “She was happy with the price?”

Corey – “Extremely happy, actually we kind of became friends afterwards when we left.”

Bryan – “I love it when that happens.”

Corey – “Yea”

Bryan – “Well awesome story here, and I appreciate you guys listening”

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