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We Buy Houses

    We Buy Houses

    At FasterHouse we buy houses. It sounds simple but it is our main focus, along with helping people. There are many ways to say it but it means the same thing.

    We buy properties… yes. We buy homes… We buy houses… not all of them are ugly, so we do not go down that path! For the past 17 years we have been buying houses and helping home owners transition from one point in their lives to another.

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    We Buy Houses

    You see these signs plastered everywhere. They are on billboards, on Yellow Page ads, on signs at street corners, etc. There are many different companies who claim to buy houses. Most of them buy a handful of houses a year, or actually never buy any. Most of the people behind these signs actually try and get the house under contract and sell it to an end buyer.

    At FasterHouse we actually buy houses, we do not just pretend to buy a house and sell it before it closes. We have the wherewithal and funding to close every single house we get under contract. That may sound like a no brainer, but trust us it is not.

    We did not become The Trusted St. Louis Home Buyer by accident. We got that name because we do what we say…. We Buy Houses. Below is a guide to most and kind of “we buy houses” situation you may come across.

    We Buy Houses for Cash

    As we just discussed very few people/ companies buy houses like they claim they do. Well…. Even fewer buy houses for cash. When someone claims this, they do not actually bring a briefcase full of $100 bills and lay it on the closing table.

    When you see an advertisement for “We Buy Houses for Cash”, it means that person or company has the money in their bank account or a bank approval to purchase that house without any financial contingencies.

    The home seller leaves the closing table with a cashier’s check or money directly wired into their bank account.

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    We Buy Houses Cash

    We Buy Houses Cash is just another simple way to portray that someone can purchase a property without any financial contingency or hold up. As stated above not that many people can buy a home for cash.

    There are companies out there that can buy a house or two a month for cash but what if a home owner wants to sell their house after this company has already spent their funds.

    At FasterHouse we have the funds and bank relationships to buy houses cash and not have any limiting factor. Whether it is our first house that month or our 20th house that month, we can close.

    When we use the term, We Buy Houses Cash we truly mean it…. Minus the $100 bills.

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    We Buy Houses Fast

    In certain situations, it is paramount that a home owner be able to sell their house fast. That is where companies that advertise, We Buy Houses Fast or We Buy Homes Fast can be very beneficial.

    There are many different reasons or potential issues a person needs to sell their house fast. It can be due to another home purchase or even an issue with the home.

    At FasterHouse we buy houses fast and have been doing so for many years. We love the chance to help people close quickly by buying their home fast, if need be.

    We Buy Houses Fast Cash

    We Buy Houses Fast Cash is a merger of the phrases we have been discussing. They tend to be mutually inclusive. If a home owner needs to sell fast, then the buying party usually needs to be able to pay cash.

    If a buyer is paying cash for a home in rougher condition, then it is usually done quickly. This is not always the case but for many situations buying a house fast and with cash go hand and hand.

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    We Buy Houses ASAP

    When a home owner needs to sell their house ASAP (as soon as possible), it can mean they need to sell quicker than fast. In these situations, it is very important to find a company that close quickly.

    At FasterHouse we advertise that we can close in as little as 7 days. Which we have done on many occasions. Most of the time it takes a little longer than that because of title issues or delays at the title company that are out of our control.

    During peak home buying / selling season it is hard to close ASAP but we can close as fast or faster than anyone in town. We actually do buy houses ASAP if the situation requires it!

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    We Buy Houses Quickly

    Last one I promise… whether someone needs to sell their house fast, ASAP or quickly FasterHouse is the go-to brand. If the home owner wants to close in 2 months, 2 weeks or anywhere in between give us a call. If you do not call FasterHouse make sure you use a reputable company that buys houses quickly.

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    We Buy Houses in Any Condition

    When we claim that we buy houses in any condition, we mean it! We have bought houses that needed tearing down, houses that have mold everywhere. Houses with cracked foundations and houses in perfect condition. Fire damage or lifelong in house smokers….When we say ANY condition, we are telling the truth.

    Here is a great article on 16 situations and circumstances where you should consider using a “We Buy Houses” type company to sell your home.

    We Buy Houses As Is

    When you hear the statement “we buy houses as is” you may think it means the same thing as we buy houses in any condition. That is not necessarily the case.

    If a buyer claims to purchase a house “as is” they mean that they will not require any repairs or concessions to be made by the home owner. Buying in any condition but not “as is” is a potential difference.

    A buyer may claim that they buy in any condition but ask for a money off the price because of damage. When we buy houses “as is” we buy them in the exact condition they are in and do not ask for any concessions or money off the purchase price.

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    We Buy Houses How It Works

    How does this we buy houses thing actually work?? FasterHouse makes it is simple and easy as possible. We have 4 simple steps to follow and by the 4th step the home owner is walking away with money in their bank account. That may sound too good to be true, but that is the case. Give us a call and we will show you how easy and simple it can be!

    We Buy Houses How it works Step 1
    STEP 1
    We Buy Houses How it works Step 2
    STEP 2
    We Buy Houses How it works Step 3
    STEP 3
    We Buy Houses How it works Step 4
    STEP 4

    We Buy Houses Near Me

    When you want to sell your house, you will want to make sure that you find someone who buys in your area. No matter where you are in the St. Louis Metro area, you are likely near a house we have purchased.

    FasterHouse has purchased well over 1500 houses since 2002, so the odds are we have bought a house close to you if not in your exact neighborhood.

    We love to look at those numbers, because to us, it means we have made over 1500 homes more livable and desirable. In turn, this has helped the cities and neighborhoods in STL. We truly care about our city and want to make it a better place for everyone to live. 

    So next time you’re standing in your living room and ask “Who buys houses near me”, you will know the answer to that question… FasterHouse, that’s who!

    Here is a map of where we buy houses.

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    We Buy Houses St Louis

    FasterHouse buys houses in the St. Louis Metro area. Trust us… we do! We buy in St. Charles County, St. Louis County, St. Louis City and Jefferson County. From Wentzville to Florissant to South City, all the way down to Arnold.

    We buy from Dogtown up through Webster Groves and Richmond Heights. We always are looking for homes in Hazelwood, O’Fallon, St. Peters and Ballwin. We have bought numerous houses in Brentwood, Spanish Lake, Kirkwood, St. Charles and Lake St. Louis.

    There are not many areas our cities where we have not purchased a house. I could name every city we buy in but my hands would get too tired.

    We Buy Houses Offers

    It is one thing to claim to buy houses, it is another to actually show up to an appointment and give a legitimate offer.

    Many home buyers will show up to a house and not even end up giving and offer, and if they do it is full of legalities and fancy words that allow them to back out of the contract.

    You want to make sure the contract is a legally binding document that protects the home owner and home buyer. Even with a contract that is legally acceptable some home buyers write in a bunch of contingencies to give them the option to get out of a contract if they cannot close.

    This is something to be aware of and keep an eye out for. At FasterHouse we use Special Sales Contracts that are written by the St. Louis Board of REALTORS ® to protect the home owner/ seller. We do not add any terms or conditions to allow us to back out of the contract.

    If we write up a deal and you sign on it… we will close.

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    We Buy Houses Direct Mail

    Almost every single house will get some kind of letter or postcard in the mail from someone attempting to buy their house. Some people can get several a week and others only once a year.

    House buying companies try everything to get in front of people who may be looking to sell their house. Direct mail is a great way to do that. Understandable it can get annoying to receive so many letters.

    If at any time you do not want to receive mail from any specific company just call them up and let them know you want taken off their list. They legally have to take you off their mailer list at that point.

    However, many people save the mailers in a file and when it comes time to sell, they call a few of the companies on the mailers. If you get a mailer and are considering calling the company to inquire about selling… make sure you do some research beforehand.

    A legit company should have online reviews and preferably be on the Better Business Bureau with a good rating. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to buy houses but are not that many that are good at it! 

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    We Buy Houses Scams

    Unfortunately, there are some scammers out there looking to take advantage of people. Some can be unintentional and some can be very intentional.

    A buyer may get a house under contract, with contingencies, and not be able to sell it and therefore not close on the deal. This is pretty common as a lot of home buying companies do not have the funds to actually purchase and close on the house.

    The best way to protect yourself from this is to make sure and vet the companies you are bringing into your home. Even further, make sure the contract they bring to the table is legitimate without any contingencies.

    You do not need to be a lawyer to spot a bad contract, however it is always OK to consult one. If a contract has language or contingencies that could possibly allow the buyer not to close, it should be fairly apparent.

    Another way to avoid this is going with local companies that have reviews and reputations that have proven they are legitimate.

    We Buy Houses Reviews and Ratings

    When most people go on vacation, they are researching hotels, restaurants, etc. and looking at reviews. Many people look are reviews and ratings when they decide where to go to dinner on Saturday night!

    This should be no different when it comes to selling your house. In fact, it is advisable to put much more time into the possibility of selling your home, than filling up you belly on a specific night.

    This is where you can quickly tell if a company is legitimate and if they are worth bringing into your home. FasterHouse has acquired many good reviews and ratings over the years and even more happy home owners.

    We buy many houses through “word of mouth” because people are happy, they sold us their house. We treated them fairly, they understood the process and we gave them a fair price for their house.  Here are some examples or reviews and testimonials of some happy people!



    “I have been very pleased with FasterHouse. I felt like I was treated with respect and treated fairly with the price for my house. I would highly recommend FasterHouse for someone with property to sell.”

    Carrie, Hazelwood, MO

    Hopefully this has been useful in helping you better understand how the “we buy houses” process works. At FasterHouse, we would love to buy every house, but understand that is not likely. However, we can help everyone better understand the process so they can make whatever decision is best for them and their families.  

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