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We Buy Houses St Louis | As-Is, For Cash – FasterHouse

Why use FasterHouse?

FasterHouse is a locally owned and operated house buying company. We have been around buying houses since 2002. We love it! We love buying houses and we really love helping people.  That may not be exactly what you thought you were going to hear but it is true. We all live in St. Louis and want to help out the people of St. Louis and help out the community to make it a better place.

We are the Real Estate Family that Puts People First, and we do not take that lightly. We have been around for a long time and plan to be around for even longer. Our company has been through the ups and downs and we have grown stronger because of it. Every day we look for ways to impact and inspire our community.

We Believe in Giving Back.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to Greater Giving; a non-profit that aids locally in the education and advocacy of mental health and wellness.

Learn more at

Greater Giving
Greater Giving

We are not your average house buying company… if you have a house to sell, let us prove that to you. We could sit here and toot our own horn all day but would prefer to let others speak for us. We have been Accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2006.

We are very proud of these reviews and strive every day to live up to them. We buy houses St Louis from home owners in a variety of situations and always put ourselves in their shoes. We make fair offers and make a difference in the lives of the people we buy from. We buy as much or more than any company in the St. Louis Metro area and we do that buy offer fair prices.

How many sellers have we helped?

Lives Impacted
Year Founded

FasterHouse has bought well over 1900 houses in the past 20 years. That is a huge number! Each and every one of those houses had a unique situation that needed some attention. Sometimes the sellers needed to close fast. Certain times the homes were in so much disarray they could not be sold traditionally. Other times the sellers lived out of state and needed to easily sell the house.

No matter the situation FasterHouse was there to help and make the process as pain free as possible to sell my house fast St Louis. We would not have bought that many houses and continue to buy that many houses if we did not treat people fairly and do the right thing.

Meet the FasterHouse Team

Lucas Walls

Owner & CEO

Lucas Walls is the Visionary Leader of the FasterHouse team. Lucas is not your typical leader – he's the go-to guy with a ton of experience and passion for what he does. Lucas works with every part of the company, from sales to finance and everything in between. He leads the FasterHouse team with our Core Values and strong team culture at the top of mind. Lucas strives to inspire his team to achieve their goals.

Sam Primm


Sam Primm is a real estate investor who was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. He has been investing in real estate for 8 years and loves to impact the St. Louis area by renovating distressed properties and turning them into good homes for families. He is involved in a few different local businesses and has a passion for making St. Louis a desirable national city!

Matt Lauman


Matt is a results – driven professional with more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience. In his current role, he has transacted on over 200 real estate deals totaling over $27 million in sales in the last 12 months. Matt is a native of St. Louis currently residing in St. Louis County. He is a married, and a proud father of two beautiful daughters. They enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

CJ Shockley

Director of Sales

CJ is the Director of Sales at Fasterhouse. He loves to help his team succeed in any way he can! He wants every house we buy and sell to be a win for everyone involved. CJ lives in Wright City with his wife, Hannah and two children. He is a renaissance man and loves all things music, plays guitar, loves fishing, hunting, playing golf, playing at the lake and spending time with his family.

Andrew Burtt

Dispositions Manager

Andrew is our Dispositions Manager. He works with an incredible group of local investors, helping build their real estate portfolios with new properties each week. Andrew lives in Ballwin with his wife Mollie, daughter, and two sons. When he’s not selling deals or spending time with family and friends. Andrew enjoys golfing, hunting, concerts, and playing guitar. You may also catch him hanging around the grill with a glass of bourbon.

Dennis Montgomery

Acquisition Manager

Dennis has been an Acquisitions Manager at FasterHouse for over 7 years. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he enjoys being outside, mountain biking and spending time with his family. Family holds a special place in his heart, and he cherishes moments spent with his wife, two kids, and their dog! Despite hailing from Chicago, we gladly welcome Dennis and his vibrant energy to our community!

Casey Samuels

Acquisition Manager

Casey Samuels has been an Acquisitions Manager for FasterHouse since 2020. He leverages a decade-long financial advisory background to delve into sellers' finances. Specializing in probate complexities and aiding seniors in transitions, Casey, an avid real estate investor, balances work with golf, church, loud music, and time with family and friends. His favorite ancient wisdom: "Don’t take life too seriously; no one ever makes it out alive."

Matt Kresko

Acquisitions Manager

Matt Kresko is an Acquisition Manager who prides himself on connecting with others to build mutually beneficial relationships, both professionally and personally. He believes that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Outside of FasterHouse you can find Matt reading, listening to podcasts, working out, at the park with his dog Zoe, and pursuing his dream of qualifying for the Olympics in Beach Volleyball - Real Estate is just a backup plan.

Tammy Wickley

Lead Manager

Tammy is our Lead Manager at FasterHouse. She works closely with our Acquisition Managers managing their appointments and helping with follow up calls. Tammy works remotely from her home in Michigan after relocating there in 2021. She enjoys riding her bike, hikes, playing pickleball, golf and having a glass of wine on her front porch with her husband. She has three children, who are thriving in careers of their own.

Sara Small

Sales Support Specialist

Sara is the Sales Support Specialist at FasterHouse. Whether you are a first-time caller; seller, buyer, or wrong number even you are glad to have Sara on the other end of the phone. She enjoys sharing her time and energy to help others. Outside of the office, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband Gabe and their two children Kinley and Bode. They love spending time outdoors and traveling to experience new adventures!

Lori Kohlenhoefer

Transaction Manager

Lori, Transaction Manager at FasterHouse, has 15+ years' experience as a REALTOR and Transaction Coordinator Lori loves assisting her team members, and sellers through stress-free closings. She has a passion for sharing her time, knowledge, and resources in hopes of making the closing process less intimidating for those unfamiliar with the process.

Abby Linhoff

Operations Specialist

Abby joined the FasterHouse family in December 2021. She enjoys organizing and keeping track of all the details to ensure quality and efficient deals. Abby is new to the real estate industry, but she is driven by her passion for continuous learning. Abby is from the St. Charles area and tries to be outside whenever the Missouri weather permits it.

Courtney spalding

Synergy Manager

Courtney is the Synergy Manager (Hype Girl) at FasterHouse. She is the hiring captain, coordinates employee relations, and organizes company events. She is an O'fallon native where she currently resides with her three children. She has a strong passion for the outdoors, live music, art, and fitness. In her free time, she is planning new adventures and activities for her kids to experience.

Dusty Sanders

Director of Construction

Dusty has a lot of experience in real estate. Dusty helps lead the Project Management side of business and he also helps coach our students who are enrolled in the FasterFreedom mentorship program. He has spent 15 years on the St. Charles County Ambulance. He has tons of interesting stories and has seen a lot over the years.

Danny Daoud

Chief of Finance

Danny is the CFO at FasterHouse. He has two decades of experience in the public accounting sector and over a decade of experience in real estate investment. Danny brings big-picture thinking, strategic financial analysis and an abundance of real estate knowledge, Danny is dedicated to his fitness, spending time with his wife and working on his 67 fastback mustang restomod.

Ryan Wargel

Project Manager

Ryan is our Project Manager for all rehabs at FasterHouse. He leads a team of contractors to complete these projects, along with designing the future look of these homes. Ryan lives in Wildwood with his wife Danielle, their sweet daughter, and 2 fun-loving young boys. Ryan loves hockey, is a huge Blues fan, loves playing golf, and lake time with the fam.

Ryan winking

Business Analytics Manager

Ryan is the Business Analytics Manager at FasterHouse. He evaluates all aspects of the business, ensuring the team is best setup to achieve its goals and bring the entire company to the next level. He's from STL and graduated from Mizzou and went on to complete his MBA from Webster Universary. When he's away from the office, he enjoys travelling, hikinh, or playing a round of golf with friends.

Claire Stiegemeier

Retail Sales Agent

Claire Stiegemeier is a Magnolia Real Estate agent and sells all of the rehabbed houses for the Fasterhouse team. Claire has been listing FH rehabbed homes since 2003 and enjoys helping with the design aspects in the early stages of the project, as well as creating a marketing strategy for a quick sale! Claire and her husband, Jim have three kids and three grandkids.

Bryan schroeder


Bryan is a farm boy that grew up in Iowa. He got an engineering degree that brought him to Saint Louis in 1990 and he has loved the Saint Louis area ever since. Bryan found his passion for real estate investing in the 1980s. He just loves to see a house transform from being dated and in need of updates to a pretty house ready for a new homeowner. Bryan is married and has 5 kids and three grandkids.

Come and see us at the office!

FasterHouse is proud to offer a local, brick and mortar presence for all of your real estate needs.  We love it when home sellers visit us and see how we positively impact the community.  We have an modern, open concept office full of people deeply committed to the community and real estate industry.

FasterHouse-We Buy Houses Office

FasterHouse is Rooted in the Local Community

The FasterHouse office is a modern, open concept built to serve you.  We love it when sellers come to visit us in person.

We Live Our Mission and Core Values

The first thing you’ll see in the office is our mission and core values on the wall.  Every person at FasterHouse aspires to these ideals so we can deliver an exceptional level of service and care to you and whatever your home selling situation might be.

FasterHouse's Mission Statement

Get Directions

Our office is conveniently located in O’Fallon, MO.  We can’t wait to meet you!

FasterHouse Does Things Differently.

FasterHouse is bigger than the one-person home buyers, which allows us to be fast and have the financial backing to purchase almost any home, but are also not a large, national buyer of “ugly” properties. Maybe you’ve seen the billboards?

We are flexible and agile with a strong and storied history. FasterHouse is proud to be the best home buying company in St. Louis. We truly believe that if you sell to us you will have pride knowing you sold your property to people that care.

If you think all cash home buyers are the same, then think again!

We are in this business to buy homes and help people. We do not have any “one page” contracts full of confusing lingo when purchasing your home. If you have multiple potential buyers come to your house you will see one of these contracts, no doubt.

We have the funds to purchase your house so we do not need to add any contingencies. You will not have to pay any real estate commissions to sell your house. We are the one and only trusted St. Louis home buyer and have all the ratings, rankings and testimonials to prove it to you or anyone else looking to sell their home.

We Give Back

FasterHouse partnered with Magnolia Real Estate in 2021 to form a 501(c)(3) non-profit Greater Giving. Since Greater Giving began the mission has been clear and that is to strengthen mental wellness in our community. Greater Giving works with partners like Love for St. Louis, The Crisis Nursery, Youth in Need and Compass Health to name a few. 

To learn more about Greater Giving visit:

Greater Giving

FasterHouse's Reputation is Built on Trust and Fair Offers

We are proud of each review we earn from a satisfied seller and strive every day to live up to them. FasterHouse buys houses from home owners in a variety of situations and we always put ourselves in their shoes. We make fair offers because it makes a meaningful difference in your life. FasterHouse pays as much or more than any house buying company in the St. Louis Metro area and it all starts with making fair offers.

Life is hard.

At FasterHouse, we make sure selling your home isn't.

Selling your home is a simple 4-step process.


Call Us

Call (314) 926-0660 or


We Listen

We're here for you every step of the way. For every situation and every house, we have a solution for you.


We Offer

Fair. No Obligations. No Hassles. We'll write you an offer to get you the best value for your house.


You Close

Choose the best closing date for you. Need to close remote? We do that, too.


FasterHouse is Founded

Bryan Schroeder and Jim Stiegemeier started FasterHouse in 2002. Back then it was known as Schroeder, Stiegemeier and Associates (sounds like a law firm!). They both were tired of their day jobs and had a passion for real estate. They met for breakfast at Ginghams in St. Charles and decided to start a home buying company and, luckily for all of us, eventually changed the name to FasterHouse.


FasterHouse Evolves

At the beginning, the company was Bryan, Jim and their two wives, Deb and Claire. Over time the company has moved offices a couple times and grown up to around 15 different team members. In 2012, Jim decided he wanted to pursue other interests and amicably sold his share of the company to Bryan, Jim’s wife Claire still works on the team.2012

FasterHouse Expands Its Leadership Team

Bryan was looking for some young blood to infuse into the organization and decided to partner up with Sam Primm and Lucas Walls. They started their own real estate investment company in 2014 and decided to partner up with Bryan, quit their day jobs, and go in full force.2018

FasterHouse Doubles Down on its Mission to Help the Local Community and Serve Its Real Estate Needs

Lucas now runs the day to day operations and look to improve the company every day. Sam is busy growing his education company FasterFreedom but is close by to advise or support the business. FasterHouse is poised for a great future with its focus on treating people the right way and working to make the community better with every situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if another “cash” home buyer offered me more?
We encourage you to get other offers and opinions on your house; however our offers won’t change after the offer is made. Our offers are also not contingent on inspections or appraisals.
What if I want to get another offer or opinion?
We always support our clients in their search for the best price for their house. Our level of service and sense of urgency combined with our industry knowledge and experience is unmatched. We try our best to be the best fit and option for you.
My neighbor sold for more than the FasterHouse offer. Why would I take less?
The offer that was calculated for your house is based upon the After Repair Value (ARV or Market Ready Value), minus the cost of repairs needed to make it market ready and also a contingency amount that allows our company to stay in business and continue to help homeowners that need to sell.
What if I don’t have anywhere to go on or after my closing date?
Thankfully, we can be flexible on possession of the house. If you sell and need to stay for 24 hours or 2 weeks we can work with you.

Have more questions? Read the full FAQ

We Buy Homes in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Warren County, Lincoln County, and Surrounding Areas

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