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Cash home buyers offer excellent options in a variety of home-selling situations. Why do home sellers just like you choose to work with cash home buyers?


Ask anyone who has sold a home – the process can take a long time. If you’re lucky, it might take a few months. But if it takes a while to find a buyer, you could be looking at several months or even longer to sell your home.

That’s frustrating, but even worse, it may not be financially viable for you. After all, can you afford to pay for two mortgages while you wait to sell your old home?

Looking for cash home buyerCash home buyers cut that timeline drastically. How does meeting with the buyer for the first time ever and having cash in hand from the sale just a few weeks later sound?

If that sounds more in line with the timeframe you’d like to complete your sale in, then working with a cash home buyer might be your best option.

They Understand Your Needs

Everyone has a different reason for selling their home, with some of the most common being:

  • Looking for a newer or larger home
  • Downsizing their home
  • Moving to a retirement or assisted living facility
  • Divorce
  • Inherited a home
  • Financial reasons
  • Relocating to a new area
  • Starting a new job

Cash home buyers have worked with all of these situations as well as many others. This means that they understand your unique needs as a seller and can therefore provide the best possible solution.

No Uncertainty

One of the potential issues that is rarely discussed in the home selling process is the threat of the sale falling through. While it isn’t talked about much, it is absolutely something that does happen more often than you might like.

There are many things that might cause a sale to fall through. A buyer might lose their financing at the last minute. Even if a seller has made it through the loan pre-approval processes, there could still be problems that arise throughout the formal approval process that prevents the loan from being funded.

In that case, a seller is left without a buyer, and they will need to start at square one with showing the home all over again. Then as they find a new buyer, they will have to hope this one does not also fall through.

Additional potential for uncertainty comes in the negotiation process. You may have shown the home, found a buyer, but then find yourself unable to close the deal because of terms the buyer is requesting. Perhaps the issue is they want you to offer a home warranty, or cover closing costs. They may want you to make repairs you are not comfortable with, or may simply make too low of an offer.

There is actually quite a bit of uncertainty involved in the home-selling process. But cash home buyers eliminate anxiety and doubt as their cash offers are not subject to securing loan funding, and they require no negotiations.

Local Market Experts

One of the keys to selling your home is knowing your area. How fast are other homes selling? How much are they selling for? Do you live in an in-demand area of town? Answering these questions is key to knowing whether you are getting a fair offer from your home. Cash home buyers have been purchasing and selling homes in your local area for many years, giving them valuable firsthand knowledge of market nuances in a variety of municipalities. So you can be confident that the offer you get from a cash home buyer was formed with a clear understanding of the area’s value.

Fast cash for your home in a suitcaseFast Cash

Perhaps the number one reason people choose to work with cash home buyers is that they offer fast cash for purchasing homes. We live in a world where everyone wants instant, on-demand solutions, and home sellers are no exception. Cash home buyers are able to give you the quick financial relief that you need in a way that the traditional approaches to selling a home simply cannot.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider working with a cash home buyer when you sell your property. If you are ready to get started or simply have more questions about how the process works, call us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to set an appointment.

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