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We Buy Condos

    We buy condos
    We buy condos

    We Buy Condos in Any Condition and Price Range

    Are you considering selling your condo but are unsure of the best way to do so? Selling a condo through a real estate agent does carry with it certain benefits, but there are drawbacks associated with it as well. After weighing the pros and cons of working with a realtor to sell your condo, you may find that selling your home to FasterHouse provides the best available option.

    Working with a realtor allows you to gain access to a variety of marketing support vehicles such as web sites, brochures, and signage. And real estate agents can help you by showing the condo to prospective buyers as well as helping you through the process of dealing with sales paperwork.

    But for all the conveniences that come along with using a real estate agent to sell your condo, you will need to take into consideration factors like realtor commission. Realtors will take a percentage of your total sale price for their efforts, leaving you with less total income than you actually sell the property for.

    Additionally, the timeline needed to sell your condo through a realtor is often lengthy. You will first need to spend time selecting a realtor to work with, then prepping the home to be put on the market, making repairs & improvements, and then waiting for the right buyer to see the home and make an offer. Then you will spend more time negotiating a sale price and then finally working through closing.

    Compare that to selling your condo to FasterHouse. We buy condos as-is, meaning you can save the time and money you would otherwise spend on staging and repairing because we take the home in its current condition. There is no commission to pay, and no time spent on negotiations.

    Our home-buying experts have spent years purchasing homes all across the greater St. Louis area, giving us an expertise in every municipality. This means that you can rest assured that the offers we make are based on your specific market and the current demand in it.

    Additionally, we buy condos faster than you might encounter when working with an agent. In fact, we will make an offer to you in as little as 24 hours after visiting your home to view your property! We’ll then work to expedite the closing process so that you can get paid in cash in a fraction of the time it may even take to sell your home through other means.

    Before putting your condo on the market, contact FasterHouse. Let us explain how we can make your condo selling experience simple.