home appraisal in st louis


Imagine the scene…

You list your home and then eagerly await a contract.  Finally, the good news arrives!  You have a willing and able home buyer who wants your home at or near your asking price.  You are ready to pack the boxes and move on.

But wait…in the home sales race, you have a few more hurdles in your path.  You must pass the inspection and deal with the required repairs, and then finish the appraisal.  Lately, the appraisal has been a killer for many contract.  Homeowners and home buyers are often far more optimistic about a home’s value than the appraisers, which means buyers can’t qualify for financing and the deal is dead.

This interesting article discusses a study done by Quicken Loans and illustrates just how wide the divide has been lately between the market and the appraisers.  Read more here.

An easier solution…sell your home to a cash buyer like FasterHouse.  No appraisals, no inspections and no commissions means you can count on closing and leave with more money in your pocket.

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