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“Hello! My name is Nathan Marlo and I am a home buyer for FasterHouse. I wanted to take some time today to tell you a story about a property I had recently purchased. I had a family that contacted me…it was the kids actually that contacted me trying to help out their mother. Their father had recently passed away and mom was ready to go into a nursing home.

The reason why they had contacted me was because they had spoken with numerous other home buyers and real estate agents trying to figure out what to do and they weren’t getting the results they were looking for. They had even toyed with the idea of remodeling the property, but they realized it was out of their level of expertise and just the financial strain and with all the other stuff going on in their lives, it was easier to just sell the property as it sat.

After viewing the property and realizing the home needed a lot of work, which didn’t scare me a bit, there were a lot of possessions that they were very worried about. I told them to give me a list of the stuff they didn’t want to come with the house and I would take care of everything else. I gave them an offer on the property and they said it was the highest, most professional offer they had seen, so they decided to let me buy the property from them.

By doing that, they were able to focus on their family and taking care of mom, which was more important than owning an unwanted piece of real estate. We were able to make the transaction go very smoothly and had the resources available to help them with the few steps that are involved with selling a property that you don’t want anymore.

Remember, if you choose a company like FasterHouse, you are dealing with a professional home buyer that’s got a lot of experience and can lead you by the hand through the process of selling your unwanted property at a realistic price so you can focus on what’s important.”

– Nathan Marlo

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