Dealing with a probate situation can be one of the most stressful ordeals a person can go through. Probate can last anywhere from six months to a year. During that time, you may wind up paying for bills related to the home, ranging from the mortgage itself to insurance to upkeep costs out of your own pocket. It can also be stressful in that family members may disagree on how money and possessions should be distributed. When dealing with a probate house in St Louis, you may find that the best option is to obtain cash quickly through an as-is sale.

One area in which selling a probate house in St Louis through an as-is sale can be beneficial is related to costs you’ll incur during the probate process. There are many potential costs you might encounter during probate, and the previously-mentioned expenses like mortgages and insurance are just a couple of examples.

You may also be faced with lawyer’s fees, which are always quite expensive. If you decide to sell the home through a real estate agent, then you will need to account for their fees. As you work to stage the home so that it can be appealing for potential buyers, you may need to pay for storage so that you can declutter the home of your loved one’s possessions. There may be repairs that are needed once a formal inspection has taken place. In short, there are a number of reasons that you may find yourself spending money on this home, and that may make selling it as-is a more attractive option.

Another reason that as-is sales make sense in a probate situation is that family members may not be able to come to a consensus on how the property should be handled. Some may want the sale price of the home for themselves, while others may want to sell it and split the proceeds, while others may want the home to live in. In this case, a quick sale of the home may be the only way to amicably resolve the issue.

The overall timing of the probate process and the time needed for a traditional realtor-driven sale is another reason to consider an as-is sale of your probate home in St Louis. As noted earlier, probate routinely takes up to or even over a year’s time. By the time this is completed, do you really want to also wait several more months to sell the home? Working with a real estate agent means spending weeks getting the home ready to show, weeks waiting to find the right buyer, weeks making any needed repairs, and weeks closing. You will likely be weary from the probate process – and the fact that you lost a loved one – and spending more time dealing with this topic will not be ideal.

In this instance, selling your home as-is will provide a measure of emotional relief. You will be able to get a fair offer for your home, close the sale quickly, and put the probate process behind you. If you are in the middle of probate or you are expecting to go into it soon, contact FasterHouse today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form. We can use our years of experiencing helping St Louis area residents who have faced the same situation you have so that we can help you through this difficult period.

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