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Selling Your House As-Is In Chesterfield Review

    Selling Your House As Is In Chesterfield Review

    Here is a satisfied home seller, Edyth, from Chesterfield that worked with Rachel at the time of closing. Sam is a member of the FasterHouse team that met with Edyth at her house and worked with her throughout the entire process from start to finish!

    Rachel: I guess the first thing would be what made you decide to want to sell your house and sell it as is?

    Edyth: Because I didn’t want to do any work, my husband had just passed away. It was just too much, I just wanted it over with.

    Rachel: What made you decide to sell your house to FasterHouse and use Sam?

    Edyth: Him? Because I love Sam?

    Rachel: Why do you love Sam?

    Edyth: He’s a decent human being

    Rachel: He keeps his to his word?

    Edyth: Absolutely. Total trust in Sam.
    I had met some other people along the way, not with your company, whom I did not care for.

    Rachel: Do you have any advice for people who are looking to sell their house as is that you would want to pass along?

    Edyth: I guess honesty on the part of the company that is interested purchasing. Because this is not an emotional sale, this is everyday business for people who are in this line of work. As I said I met people who- they just- he knew it, Sam could see by my body language when somebody came in, not from your company, and I bristled, I really did. So just honesty, and after somebody sees this everybody will want Sam.

    Rachel: Is there anything else that you want to tell people, or let us know, or anything that we could do better?

    Edyth: Well I would recommend you if I knew anyone who would want to go this route. I mean the market is good, I mean most people don’t mind going through the whole process. I wasn’t looking forward to having people march through the house. I just wasn’t up for it. This was my easy way out, and it worked!

    Rachel: Great I think that’s all that I need. Well, thank you.

    Edyth: Okay good. You’re welcome.

    Rachel: I appreciate it.

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