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We buy townhousesTownhouses are often popular housing choices for those looking for alternatives to single-family homes. You might choose a townhouse because you don’t want the hassle of keeping up with lawn maintenance. Perhaps a townhouse is the most cost-effective option for you. Or maybe a townhouse is simply the right-sized home for your current marital and/or family situation. But whatever your original reason for purchasing a townhouse, you will likely reach a point at which you want to sell your townhouse in St Louis. And when that time comes, you can earn cash fast by working with FasterHouse.

Oftentimes townhouses are sold because the owner has a change in their life status, such as marriage. If you own a townhouse and your spouse owns one as well, or perhaps rents an apartment, you will likely want to purchase a house together. If you’re buying a house you will need to sell your townhouse so that you are not stuck making payments on multiple residences.

Or you may be moving on from a townhouse because you are starting a family and you need more space than the townhouse affords you. In that case, not only do you face the expenses of your townhouse and perhaps a new house as well, but you’ll also be making all the purchases that come along with growing a family

If either of those scenarios is the case, then the normal process of selling a home, which generally consists of months of working with a real estate agent to get the townhome into selling shape, finding the right buyer, and then closing, is just too long for your specific needs. And that estimate is a best-case scenario. If you experience any delays in any of these steps, it can add months to your already-lengthy timeline. You will wind up spending thousands of dollars on mortgage payments while simply waiting to sell your home.

But selling your St Louis-area townhouse as-is will help you save significant amounts of time and money. We help St Louis residents by making cash offers on townhomes in their current condition, thereby saving them the time that might be needed to stage the home or make costly repairs to the interior or exterior of the home.

Because we have bought numerous townhouses in St Louis in our 15+ years purchasing area homes, we know the market well and are equipped to make an offer you will find appealing. The hassle of negotiating fees with real estate agents, prices with buyers, and purchase terms such as repairs or sharing closing costs are non-existent when you work with FasterHouse, leaving you free and clear to seamlessly move on from your townhouse and into your new home.

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