Before Walk Through In Hazelwood

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People are always asking us what we do to the houses we buy, so we had Sam do a walk-through to show the process. This is what a house looks like when we first get started.

Hey it’s Sam here. We’re at one of our latest rehabs in Hazelwood. I”ll take you inside and show you what we’ve got goin.

Here we are at one of our properties in Hazelwood that we’re doing a pretty extensive rehab on. I’ll take you inside, we’ll take a quick glance.

As you can see, we are through demo day. We have everything pretty much cleaned out we’re basically starting from scratch on this one. Looks like possibly this was an extension put on at some point. You can see there we have some exterior bricks and some windows looking in to the bathroom and bedroom and so we’re going to put a wall there and put the bricks back up

Come through here in the living room, down the hallway… Bedroom number one pretty simple and clean. Bedroom number two same thing. Third and final bedroom for the upstairs here you can see where we patched where that window was in the other room. Here’s the bathroom complete gut. Starting from scratch. There’s the patch that looks pretty nice.

The floors got’em all cleaned up. Pretty much we’re just going to sand them and re-stain them and varnish them when we’re done. Going into the kitchen you can see here.. complete gut we gutted the entire kitchen. Opened this wall up a little bit as you can see with the new drywall. Over here you can see the exterior wall… we’re getting down to the studs.

We’ll head down to the basement. Hopefully it’s not too dark there is no power on currently. This used to be basically a second kitchen. A bunch of brickwork down here, so we got cleaned all that out. Just gonna make this an open rec room. Probably put some carpet on the floor and just have this be a nice hang out room. Over her you can see the HVAC system and water heater, everything’s in pretty good shape here.

Walkin there’s where the laundry was and will be again. Here’s a bathroom down here. Looking around, looks like we’ve got some doors that are getting stored… a little closet.. a toilet over there in the corner.

Walking through here, here’s another kinda open area.

Basically yeah, that’s what we’ve got goin. Should move pretty quick at this point, we’ve got all the main things down and everything cleared out. We’ll get to workin at this one and we’ll let you know when it goes on the market.

That’s what we’ve got for now. We’re hoping for a late fall early winter list and hopefully this one should move pretty quick. It’s a pretty hot area. Thanks!

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