Do you have a home in Creve Coeur that you are considering putting up for sale? For many people, selling a home means choosing a realtor and then embarking on the long, stressful process of selling your home to a new homeowner. But you should know that alternatives exist, such as selling your home to FasterHouse. We buy homes in Creve Coeur through a process you will find is much less stressful than other options.

One of the great advantages of working with FasterHouse is that we pay cash for homes. Why is this so important? Most home buyers need to take out a loan in order to purchase a property, but financing has been much harder for potential homeowners to obtain over the past several years. The housing market challenges of the late 2000s forced banks to begin placing more scrutiny on applicants, leading to fewer applicants being approved by lenders. That means that, unfortunately, it’s all too common for a home seller to have an offer on the table from a prospective buyer, but to have that buyer’s financing fall through during the home buying process, thereby leaving the seller in need of a new purchaser. Since we buy homes in Creve Coeur for cash, you will never have to worry about that scenario when working with us.

Another edge we have over working with a realtor is the amount of time it will take to sell your home. Our process couldn’t be simpler – first you call us to schedule an appointment for us to visit your property. We will walk through the home, examining the exterior and interior, and reach back out to you with an offer. Our first offer is our best offer, so you don’t need to worry about countering and getting into a lengthy negotiation process. Once you accept the offer, we’ll use the professional partnerships we have developed through serving the area for over 15 years to get your closing date set as quickly as possible.

Compare that to working with a realtor, and all the time you will need to spend working on getting your home ready for possible buyers to view it, then the time that you will have to wait as the realtor shows the home to interested potential buyers, and then on top of that the time needed to close. You’ll enjoy a difference of several months being saved when you work with FasterHouse.

Creve Coeur homeowners also turn to FasterHouse because we help them avoid spending large amounts of time and money on making home improvements before selling. If you are selling your home with the help of a realtor, you will need to invest in some basic improvements to your home so that it will look attractive to people who might be interested in buying. Depending on the condition your home is currently in, that could cost a few hundred or even up to a few thousand dollars, and it could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several. However that may not be the only work you need to put into the home. Once your inspection occurs, you may find that there are repairs you didn’t even know about that need to be made. You will then be looking at additional time if you can make the repairs yourself, or additional money if you need to hire a professional.

FasterHouse buys homes in Creve Coeur as-is. This means that you do not need to make repairs to the home simply for the sake of being able to show it to a buyer, nor do you need to make repairs because of an inspection. We purchase the home in the exact condition it is currently in, saving you both time and money.

If these advantages sound like what you’re seeking in a home-selling experience, contact us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form. Our team of local area experts can help explain more about the process so that you can feel confident moving forward.

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